Killing Floor: Level Up Launch Trailer

A brand new trailer from Tripwire Interactive and Iceberg Interactive to showcase the new features and content added to Killing Floor in the "Level Up" content pack.

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JsonHenry3256d ago

I wish they would release this as a PSN/XLIVE game for console only kiddos. It is a great (and CHEAP!!) game.

Leord3256d ago

Killing things is always fun (in video games).

Keeps me from doing it to utter real life twats, like in traffic :P

Fyzzu3256d ago

Really liked Killing Floor. Going to have to try this out later :)

Redrudy3256d ago

Another boring zombie shooter.

MagicAccent3256d ago

It is, however, another 'great' zombie shooter.

For 20$, it's a great deal.

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