Ar Tonelico III detailed in Tokyo press conference

Yesterday, during an event in Tokyo, Banpresto finally detailed the upcoming PS3 JRPG Ar Tonelico III, to be released in Japan on January the 28th, 2010.

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sashimi3339d ago

let the exclusive JRPG onslaught begin.Day 1 purchase along with Atelier Rorona.

Vivi3339d ago

The English release should be Summer or Winter 2010. Most likely Winter since NIS won't want it to clash with Rorona.

Great year for PS3 JRPG fans.

Early Feb we get Star Ocean 4 international.
Late Feb we get White Knight Chronicles.
Mid March we get Renosance of Fate.
April-May we get Final Fantasy XIII.

Tales of Vesperia complete version English release should be announced soon.

Summer we have...
Atelier Rorona.
+The Last Rebellion.
+3D Dot Game Heroes

Many more Niche titles here and there.

Autumn time
Ar Tonelica III

Final Fantasy XIV

Lavalamp3338d ago

This game looks so promising. I've never seen anything like it. I really wish that the press conference had mentioned whether the combat will be turn-based or maybe a little something akin to Tales of Vesperia. The description of the music system as well as the in-game footage from the trailer leads me to believe that it will have a combat system to the latter. If so, then it will be a day one buy for me when it hits western retail.