Top 10 PSP Downloads So Far in October

The top ten PSP downloads so far during the launch month of the PSP Go.

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thebudgetgamer3313d ago

cmon sqaure make it happen.


Carl14123312d ago

Clearly. I think it's been in the Top 10 every month since it was released. It's rediculous

Unknow_Master3312d ago

monster hunter 2nd G
gta:vice city story
gta: liberty city story
castlevania cronicle
star ocean
power stone
gow :chain of olympus
star wars the force unleashed
resistance fall of man
jeanne d'arc
and i download ff crysis core but it suck so much

dragunrising3312d ago

I'm just playing through FFVII for the first time and love it. The graphics aren't that bad either. A refresh would be nice however I still need to catch up on all the other FF's aside from Tactics. My most anticipated release is Final Fantasy 8.

Also...did anyone notice a $10 price increase on Prinny: Can I really be the Hero? I paid $10 for it (or I'm imagining things) and its $20 usd now. Great game btw (and very difficult).

DrRobotnik3312d ago

Xenogears Please!!!!!! For the love of all thats good and decent!!!

Surfman3312d ago

How can SquareEnix be so blind.. FFVII is in the top 3 and most of the time the top 1 download EVERY weeks. Everybody wants this remake. It'll sell more copies than anything this gen.

foxtheory3312d ago

I got that on my PS3 the day it came out. I just had to relive that experience. EVERYONE should pick it up!! And FF7, that's a great game, too. $10 each is an amazing price for two masterpieces.

HolyOrangeCows3312d ago

But $10 is freaking STEEP!

EDIT: Oh, of course. It's an EA game :/

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The story is too old to be commented.