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Valay3338d ago

This is a great little surprise!

nbsmatambo3338d ago

excite bike was the game to have back then =D

cant w8 to see what they are gonna do with this version

Maddens Raiders3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

should've been StarFox HD.

...nvmd >_>

still interested to see the end product on this one though..

Killjoy30003338d ago

Very underwhelming. I'm more excited for Epic Mickey. IGN, just wow.

bruddahmanmatt3338d ago

Wow. Nintendo keeping rehashes of old school titles from back when Jesus was a baby under wraps. The day they announce a new IP that isn't crap is the day they get to use the word "secret".

LynyrdSkynyrd3338d ago

Wow... seriously? I can play this game on a fking online free games website.

Thats the secret game?

Im playing Wind Waker on my wii... this getting pathetic. Announce an new zelda game already so i dont trash my wii.

MEsoJD3338d ago

Nintendo doesn't surprise me. -_-

SpoonyRedMage3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Dear god, do you people even actually pay attention to Nintendo news? A New Zelda Wii has been announced already and Nintendo have a few new IPs that are in production as we speak.

Line Attack Heroes
Span Smasher
Dynamic Slash

The first three were at E3 this year as well.

gaffyh3338d ago

Most underwhelming announcement ever?

frostypants3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

OMG IT'S...yet another iteration of a 25 year old franchise.

Dear lord, Nintendo...really? REALLY?

Excitebike is a great old-school game, but nobody's asking for a new will this be anything but just another motocross game with "Excitebike" plastered to the box?

11 360s and counting3338d ago

Wasn't this suppose to shock us or something. IGN is so stupid.

circasurviver3338d ago

IGN never said this was suppose to shock us. You made that up. IGN was actually saying things like "this is a game no one is asking for" and "people are really over hyping this game." Please stop being retarded

N4g_null3338d ago

This is big since they already proved what they can do wit Mario kart wii. Put some online racing and user made tracks and some motion plus controls are you have a winner!

The old nintendo is back! Not the one that was desperate for the hardcore. I have not liked Zelda since the snes version where it lost all of the game play once it went 3d. I'm glad this and punch out are coming out.

If you have not got it yet the wii is the nes. And it's here to remind us what console gaming is about rather than keep the pc console cherade going.

kunit22c3338d ago

like all of you are forgetting the fact that its a $10 game... I mean cmon, you cant really bash a game thats only $10, I mean sure you can bash IGN for over-hyping it but don't bash the game.

C_SoL3337d ago

that vid was so cheesy and weird> now my eyes and ears hurt

Shang-Long3337d ago

it sux theres no wii starfox

Sarcasm3337d ago


*Rushes and sells PS3/360 and all 100 games and Buy a Wii just for this!*

coolfool3337d ago

I was completely shocked at how lame it was!

Also, are those two presenters the normal ones for this kind of thing? Which pre-school kids show did they get them from?

ChickeyCantor3337d ago

"OMG IT'S...yet another iteration of a 25 year old franchise.

Dear lord, Nintendo...really? REALLY? "

First its the "rehash" parade, to many of the same.
Then they revisit a game, that has only 2 games( nes and n64 if i recall correctly) and its still something bad.

Even if there were new IP's and there are, you people ignore them anyway because you guys only cry about wanting a Zelda HD or how Mario is be milked to death.

Maddens Raiders3337d ago

you're as frustrated as "we've" been since wii fit.

ChickeyCantor3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

its not a frustration, more like an observation that people here just look for excuses to dislike a company for no good reason.

Just saw a video of the game, game seems to be pretty loyal to the nes version.

Maddens Raiders3337d ago

some do dislike it for a good reason. We want high quality HD games from Nintendo of great classic remakes -- is that so hard?

EvilTwin3337d ago

re: "some do dislike it for a good reason. We want high quality HD games from Nintendo of great classic remakes -- is that so hard?"

Maddens Raiders -- Well, there is also a market for low-cost, low-budget retro games. This is a WiiWare title, and a neat idea, IMO. Nintendo has truly skimped on their online offerings in this area. This is a step in the right direction.

Plus, Nintendo has pretty much always put gameplay and budgetary considerations before eye candy. That's why they waited forever to go to color on the Gameboy, launched the SNES a full two years after the Genesis, launched the N64 two years after the Playstation, etc. To anyone who has paid attention to them for a long time, this is pretty much big N's SOP.

But maybe my preference in gaming is a bit different. I think great art style is more important than higher resolution and more polys onscreen. Graphics aren't unimportant, but I think way too much emphasis has been put on them this gen.

Just my $0.02.

ChickeyCantor3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

"We want high quality HD games from Nintendo of great classic remakes"

Its not HD, so deal with it.
Wii won't do HD, why is it so hard to understand this?

All games will be max 480p so why cry with every game release you want a HD version?

Even if it were to be HD, it would still play as shown in the video.
So why not just enjoy the game for what it is?
Just because its not HD, doesn't mean it is a bad game by definition.

And its a Wiiware game, people need to stop overreacting.
This is actually a good move by Nintendo as Wii-ware is a bit lacking in the Good department.

Admit it, there is a possibility you might actually enjoy this game if you tried it out, disregarding the fact its not HD.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3338d ago

Nintendo much like Microsoft disappoints once again

SpoonyRedMage3338d ago


Not exactly what I expected but that's great news!

Pennywise3338d ago

zomg.. shock & awe... lmfao

Valay3338d ago

Well, it came out of nowhere like IGN said.

TheBand1t3338d ago

Excitebike? Oh hell yes.