Rebellion: Aliens vs. Predator Looks Better On PC

Speaking to TVG at an Aliens vs. Predator event in London last week, Rebellion revealed that its incoming AvP reboot will look better on the PC platform with DX11 support than the game's other consoles versions.

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Pootangpie3310d ago

What game doesn't look the best on PC

TheProfessional3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Glad to see they're keeping things old-school and developing on PC first. That just solidifies how legitimate this game is going to be, it'll be what AVP 2 should have been and more. Excellent decision bringing back Rebellion, they made the original and it was by far the best of the two.

AVP 2 had good multiplayer but the campaign was weak, the graphics were cartoony and the gore was toned down compared to AVP. (No disc cutting in half, no spear-gunning limbs/heads to walls, etc.) AVP 1 was the definition of a classic late nineties PC only FPS, even if this turns out to be a straight remake I'll be happy.