Magnacarta 2 - ZTGD Review

ZeroTolerance writes: Magnacarta 2 is the type of RPG that comes out of nowhere and sneaks into your game collection before you have a chance to decide whether you actually want it or not. Even though the game carries a numeral at the end of it, you wouldn't know it from actually playing the game. This is a follow-up to the original game released on PS2 years ago, but you do not need to have played through the original game to jump into the sequel. In fact I would almost recommend skipping the original if you haven't played it yet and dive directly into the sequel. I am not one to usually enjoy the traditional JRPG for more than a couple hours, but something about Magnacarta 2 hooked me in enough to want to actually finish it; and it certainly was not the story.

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paradigmfellow2949d ago

I'll wait till the "beta testers" finish so I can get the final copy on the PS3.

artgamer2949d ago

Another fail for the failbox

Serial_EDX2949d ago

if 8/10 is fail, then 90% of ps3 titles are fail. XD

Lord Shuhei Yoshida2949d ago

Flop just like all 360 exclusives.All 2 of them

Xeoset2949d ago

Looks like another great addition to the huge number of RPGs on the Xbox 360.

If it wasn't for Blue Dragon, I'd be aiming to play this alongside Forza III. I'll try and fit it around Splinter Cell: Conviction!