Insomniac refuses to comment on Resistance 3 billboard

Insomniac Games has refused to comment on the presence of a Resistance 3 billboard spotted two weeks ago on a US film set.

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ReviewsArePolitics3255d ago

Then the ad makes sense. People will see the movie and therefore the ads, and R3 will be waiting for them outside during the holiday season at their favorite retailer.

mantisimo3255d ago

Doesn't have to be linked to a real version although I hope so, this could just be film designers making a clever visual statement but I jolly well hope this is actually likely to happen and interesting that they are releasing 2011.

Isn't that kind of when a new resistance would be due?

Fishy Fingers3255d ago

It's very unlikely it has anything to do with a Resistance movie.

It, if real, will no doubt relate to the third game, which based on previous Insomniac release schedules will come next year.

Soldierone3255d ago

pretty much confirms it. There is a huge differnce between "no comment" and "no its fake", no comment means it is something we just dont wanna talk about it.

A crack in Time is out this week, Insomniac only wants to talk about that and its understandable.

LarVanian3255d ago

Resistance 3 confirmed lol

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