Gamezebo - Hidden World of Art 2: Undercover Art Agent

Gamezebo writes: "When people think of art and the great masters of the canvas, the typical setting is quiet and calm galleries where the paintings hang still and silent. Yet in Meridian93's new title Hidden World of Art 2, police, cunning thieves, adn the FBI cross paths with classic paintings in a delightful story of when calm and thrills combine.

Lana Vassari is a young and highly successful restorer of paintings. Leading a typically quiet and simple life pursuing her passion in the town of Everton, she returns from vacation to be greeted with a complete uproar. A master ring of art thieves have been stealing paintings from well-known galleries, including many of her own personal clients. The paintings that have been recovered have been defaced with newly-painted objects added to the classics. One by one she must restore the paintings, and when her art expertise reaches the police, she's enlisted as an undercover art agent. Will she be able to help recover the lost paintings and help the FBI put the thieves to justice?"

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