CasualGamerChick - Avenue Flo Review

CGC writes: "Avenue Flo is an adventure game for the PC or the Mac. The goal of the game is to save the biggest wedding in Diner Town. There is a lot banking on this wedding, the happiness of Mrs. Big and Tony and the wedding planner reputation of Quinn. If Quinn can get this wedding to go off with out any problems she will be THE wedding planner in Diner Town. The only problem is the wedding is off to a horrible start. Quinn calls her good friend Flo to help her solve all of the wedding issues.

Players take on the role of Flo as she attempts to save the day. It looks like there is someone that has been sabotaging the wedding and everything that was ready to go, such as the butterflies and the rings for the wedding are now missing. There are a few items to locate before the wedding starts and it is up to Flo to locate these items. Flo solves each task by solving puzzles. There are a few major tasks to solve, but along the way other people around town give Flo more tasks. The additional tasks Flo gets is, usually, because someone in town is having another issue and Flo needs to solve that issue before being able to complete a big objective in the game. All of the tasks are kept in a journal for easy access."

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