AppSmile Review: WordWorld's

AppSmile writes: "Build A Word, WordWorld's word creation learning tool for pre-schoolers, has been released in the app store. Featuring many of the characters from the hit PBS Kids show, this app is sure to delight your little ones as they explore new technology and the wonderful world of reading.

This app is simple enough to use that it requires no instructions of any kind. When you open the app, colored letters swirl about the screen. In the background, there is an outline of the first letter in a word. When a matching letter can be found floating across the screen, simply drag it to the outline. When correctly placed, another letter outline appears. Repeat until you spell one of the 10 available animal character's names. When you complete the name, the swirling letters disappear. Swipe across the finished word to combine the letters and the corresponding character image appears as the "We Just Built A Word" song plays in the background. After a short animation, shake the device to clear it and begin a new word/character."

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