How to sign up for a Japanese PlayStation Network account: part 1

So you've read through Pocket Gamer's exhaustive coverage of Sony's shiny new PSPgo console, you've weighed up the pros and cons of making a purchase, and you've decided to take the plunge into the exciting world of digital-download gaming.

Sadly, while the European PlayStation Network Store has its fair share of treats, it only takes a cursory glance at the list of goodies available to Japanese PSP owners to realise that we're getting a little short-changed when it comes to content.

Thankfully, getting around this issue is relatively easy - with a bit of tinkering, it's perfectly possible to access both the US and Japanese PlayStation Network Stores and sample what Europe is currently missing out on.

In this guide, Pocket Gamer will show you how to sign up for the trickier of the two choices - the Japanese store.

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Hobgoblin3337d ago

Hot damn! This could be really useful - I only just read about Darius Burst, and that it's only coming out in Japan, so signing up for a Japanese account might be perfect. Nice one Pocket Gamer!

marcellizot3337d ago

It is incredibly useful - thanks to the awesome D McFerran for his Japan-infiltrating madskills.

dragunrising3337d ago

Only reason I had for creating a Japanese account was for the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 demo. I would never purchase anything that wasn't localized in English. A UK/Euro account is much more useful.

Haggar3337d ago

Oooh, very handy. Looking forward to part 2.

butterfinger3337d ago

signing up for any region, just go to youtube. I've had my EU and Japanese accounts for almost as long as my primary US account now (2 years).

Hobgoblin3337d ago

Nice. I don't know why, but it just never occurred to me that you could sign up for 'foreign' accounts. Japan gets some of the best arcade games, and gets them first, but 90% of them are immensely easy to figure out and don't use any text (not the shooters and stuff, anyway) so it doesn't matter if they're in Japanese or not.

spunnups3337d ago

I found help on YouTube months ago. These guys are late to the party.

gintoki7773337d ago

I dont know why but it kinda makes me angry like if people really wanted one they would've just looked on youtube its not that hard

napoleon_ist3337d ago

getting an hong kong account is smart. it has most of japan, us, and korea store contents, plus some exclusive stuff (like HiTV videos). the best part is it's all in english. :)

once it was possible to buy stuff from there (like jap ps1 games for psp & ps3) using an overseas credit card but it has been disabled since.

Caffo013337d ago

u can buy psn cards from ebay...i do just that..

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