Borderlands console graphics comparison - is PS3 better?

With any game running on Unreal Engine 3 technology, you're going to get some texture loading issues, but by the looks of this new video featuring a graphics comparison between the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Borderlands, the PS3 loads in the higher resolution textures quite a bit faster than the Xbox 360 equivalent.

Once the initial texture load is done, however, everything looks pretty much the same.

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bobdog6263337d ago

Just a tad bit that's all.Just keep moving ,nothing to see here.

Pennywise3337d ago

Of course... PS3 wins, just move on. Pay attention to games that the PS3 did not win, right?

Jsynn73337d ago

Yeah. It's too small to really care. I can't wait to pick up my copy.

Bnet3433337d ago

Bust out the magnifying glass, again.

jib3337d ago

a bit touchy there aren't we?

StanLee3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

I think I'll wait for Digital Foundry to do their analyst since they take a look at the engine's performance from an unbiased, technical perspective.

Edit @ droid and bot

Like Batman: Arkham Asylum was better on the PS3?

Winter47th3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

*Retarded Mode:On*
Of course it's better, even if it's worse, it's "badder" but in a good way!
*Retarded Mode:Off*

It came in a very bad time, I'll probably pick it up later down the road, perhaps instead of MW2 till the latter's available used or something.

kalebgray923337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

but ima skip anyway... gotta save up for the exclusives ... and its not like there is a big difference didnt notice until they froze it and zoomed in.... just stupid

PS3Freak3337d ago

I didn't notice a differance in the graphics, but the texture load was deffinetly better on PS3.

princejb1343337d ago

my question is does it matter
who cares bout this kind of stuff is it ever gonna end

does it really matter if the body texture of a body has one extra pixel than the other

are people really gonna notice while there playing the game
hell no
if your shooting something that last thing u gonna pay attention is how the thing you shooting is looks your gonna be to focused on killing it

JsonHenry3337d ago

They look the exact same to me once the textures pop-in. +1 to the PS3 for having (much) faster vRAM.

Chubear3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Now had the game kept the graphical look it was supposed to have back in 2007/2008 then perhaps graphical comparisons maybe warranted but for cell shading? Come on. lol

Great gaming experience regardless.

ThanatosDMC3336d ago

Well, there's not much of a difference. No point in comparing it if it's just load times. They didnt change anything on one console to make it more superior.

Also, is this game worth the $65? For those who have the game and played it for at least 5-8 hours, what do you think?

ShadowRyuX3336d ago

Hey you see that nail? Well you hit it on the head, ON THE HEAD!

Seriously people who cares? I just bought a 360 this week and bought Borderlands for it, because instead of 2 IRL friends I have 4 IRL friends I can play it with. And I'll probably get MW2 for the 360 too, because I have more friends with a 360.

Does that mean I hate my PS3? Does that mean the PS3 sucks? Does that mean I like the 360 better? Or even that Demon's Souls and Uncharted 2 suddenly become less awesome? No, no it doesn't, it just means I don't have some strange attachment to a brand and can buy based on my needs not loyalty. So stop playing graphics & brandwars and play games!

bruddahmanmatt3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Wow. I'm utterly shocked that Gametrailers didn't use footage from the PC version and try to pass it off as being from the 360 in a sad attempt to make the PS3 version look inferior.

pixelsword3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

They pull so much tricks in the past I barely go to their site anymore: I just go to for my vids.

pixelsword3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

It's GT: who says they didn't? :)

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mastiffchild3337d ago

Yeah, like in 99% of cases it's pretty identical to the human eye. Looks like you could make a case for the PS version bein a tiny bit better but to tell you really have to look and use testing equipment. Whjat's the point?

Whether it's the PS3 or the 360 version that's better-when it's this tiny a difference who in their right minds would choose the platform they usually wouldn't over their usual reasons like controller pref, where their mates game online etc?

Unless there's a difference that's ofputting when you're just playing the game whay even point it all out?

I've seen 360 fanboys turning cartwheels over multiplats they'd had little to no interest in before DF found a tiny screen tear in the PS3 version(and the other way round as well)and it's all pointless. If multi plats looked as good as exclusives then maybe it would matter but still ONLY when the differences are big enough to make some kind of difference to gameplay. As it is even when the differences are bad all it shows is a lazy dev who couldn't be bothered getting good enough results with their PS3/360 version even while operating at sub optimal levels for either! How this kind of game can be said to show how either console is better in any way I'm not sure and without these little fanboy quests I don't see any point for over 90% of these articles.

FFS show us a real difference, call out the lazy dev in question by all means but spare us all of these miniscule differences that don't matter whatsoever! All they do is provide damp powder for the console war, serve no real purpose as a guide for which version is best for dual owners AND clog up space and time that would be spent much better in practically any other way.

Rant over and sorry. These articles are really starting to wind me up. Sure, if they provide a real insight into a REAL difference that affects someone's enjoyment on either console then say something but otherwise leave it out! Find smething proper to report on too/instead-just no more of these reports about stuff most of us would never notice and mostly can't even when we're told!

kalebgray923337d ago

the guy above me lol... didnt even finish reading.... start a blog or something dude i dont want your views over 6 lines

D4RkNIKON3337d ago

Every time he leaves a comment it is a wall of text. He is piecing together a book of some kind.

Eddie201013336d ago

Not identical but close enough, As is with most games, even when it's slightly in the 360's favor.

Had it been in the 360' favor the fanboys would have been gloating, but since it's not, its back to the graphics don't matter routine.

Graphics do matter or we all would not have bought the new systems but the differences in PS3 and Xbox 360 games are so minimal that these comparisons are not needed. Unless you use a magnifying glass(or sit a foot from the screen) and are bothered by minor frame rate differences(Like one or two frames)

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Sevir043336d ago

i really dont care about this game it can go to hell.

Malacath3337d ago

I can't see any difference.

Farsendor13337d ago

ps3 360 and pc all got a good game in borderlands im happy :)