Netflix on PS3: The Great Sony-Microsoft Equalizer?

PC World: "Surprising no one, really, streaming video maven Netflix will roll out its online TV and movie rental service to North America's nearly 10 million PlayStation 3 owners in November. Sony will announce the deal later today in an action that knocks one of the Xbox 360's "exclusive" pillars out from under Microsoft's games platform."

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I am Legend3130d ago

make it so that Microsoft take down the price of live, build better hardware, and make their games even better.

BUT !!!

Why does it have to take so long?

JokesOnYou3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

And thats exactly why it will never be "like Live". It will be "almost like Live was 2 yrs ago." I rarely do anything online with my ps3 but I do know many ps3 owners have literaly been begging for cross game chat since day 1, why such an important feature related to gaming is taking so long is ridiculous, lmfao, bu bu its free.


Dead_Cell3130d ago

How is it such an integral part of gaming when the concept of cross game chat is to talk to friends across different games,which obviously doesn't effect the game you are playing whatsoever?

-EvoAnubis-3130d ago

JOY, given MS's 'monkey see, monkey do' approach to this entire console generation, I find your comment laughable. Then again, I find most of your comments laughable, so I guess that isn't particularly special.

Better hurry; you only have 13 minutes to edit your comment to reply to this, one bubble boy.

kapedkrusader3130d ago

...maybe it's time for MS to follow Sony and make some games already. For goodness sake 2009 brought you Halo Wars, ODST and Forza 3. The 360 is focusing so much on social networking that it's forgeting it's a games console. And stop ragging on the PSN already, as far as I'm concerned the only thing it doesn't have is cross-game chat (which is coming soon) but besides that the PS3 had access to Twitter and Facebook ( and every other website) since launch, with a bunch of other FREE stuff like Home, Vidzone and a Blu-ray player. Get out of 2006 and join us in 2009 when the PS3 does everything.

LtSkittles3130d ago

Let me see.
Free,Facebook, Trophies, Twitter, and Netflix, and it's free. Did I mention it's free? Joy Microsoft has copied Sony as well. What do you think Natal is? What the hell does cross-game chat bring to the table? Do I really what to know what my friends on their PS3 just did? No, and I can live without it, and it will just be one thing less that the Xbox has over the PS3.

Syronicus3130d ago

Hear that MS? For FREE! So that coupled with reliable hardware and great games and you have the best console ont he market for your dollar.

cliffbo3130d ago

stop it with this whole 'catching up with LIVE shyt.

when will live get [email protected]?
when will live get Lifewith360?
when will live get HOME?
when will live get Vidzone?
when will live get browsing?

i doubt Live will ever catch PSN now

thebudgetgamer3130d ago

you mean laggy and unreliable.

thank god.


lowcarb3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Doesn't this hurt bluray sales? I thought streaming was irrelevant and disc format was the only way to go. Does PS3 already have the ability to stream like 360 and it's new instant service? Both companies are offering a lot but it really appears as if Sony is playing catch up which is perfectly fine. They obviously had a format war to deal with that kind of set them back and moves like this are good for gamers. Now I want to know if the netflix experience will be exactly the same on both platforms.

ActionBastard3130d ago

I enjoy that 3yr old PSN is giving 6yr old XBL one hell of a run for its money!

Greywulf3130d ago

So I doubt they are following the leader here, no more than MS offering twitter & facebook at a cost is a rip off of the internet everywhere at large.

If you guys stop latching onto 3rd party offerings as exclusives reasons to pay 50 bucks a year... you wouldn't have to do damage control when they decide to offer services with 9 million ps3's in the usa.

MNicholas3130d ago

PS3 has always supported far more online features.

That hasn't stopped Microsoft from bribing online content providers like Netflix and Hulu to block access to PS3s.

BulletToothtony3130d ago

"Surprising no one, really, streaming video maven Netflix will roll out .... to North America's nearly 10 million PlayStation 3 owners"

I was surprised and so was everyone i know.. I dunno why pc world always plays down the ps3.. if it was the other way around they would've been like.. "After the huge blowout that the 360 has taken AGAIN to the ps3 we can now enjoy netflix the right way"

You always get the same reaction from the same sites.. it's so sad that they just can't get out of the we don't like the ps3 mentality.. i mean how long til they stop taking jabs at the fast growing and great library ps3..

ultimolu3130d ago

Lol @ Jokesonyou.

Surely you jest.

SnuggleBandit3130d ago

the first friggin sentence starts the whole article off trying to downplay netflix going to ps3 lmao

The Wood3130d ago

...what like GAMES TO PLAY Jokes.... thats more important than gaming features surely....jeese that was dumb. anywho jokes will stay wrong n strong till the end. ANY sain person would love psn to catch up like our 1st commenter said forcing MS to at least lower its prices but no joy stays defiant.....Its people like him why MS will never lower the price. Pity MS dont love you back geezer. I dont know, maybe joy thinks his friends will leave xbl if MS lower the price or may MS will drop their vast number of dedicated servers and dashboard adds or something:)

darthv723130d ago

PC and 360 streaming is using silverlight and it streams quite nicely. I have never seen netflix streaming on a roku or any other blu player so I am not sure what they use. I do like the menu system of live though and think that will remain exclusive to 360.

So long as the full list of streaming movies is available I will give up the gold for it. I cant stand there being movies I can watch on PC but not the 360.

Ravage273130d ago

PSN will always 1-up Live imho.

JD_Shadow3130d ago

You know the good news about JOY's post?

It's that he only has one bubble now, so we don't have to endure another comment like THAT!

And, for the record, what has XBL ever done for anyone lately? If they are the "leader", they aren't acting the part, that's for damn sure.

ABizzel13130d ago

MS is ahead of Sony in the feature aspect of things simply because they get money from XBL every year, whereas, Sony has to come out of pocket to get these features. Basically Xbox 360 owners pay to get the services they use which is why the 360 has more.

However, it's not as if Sony is just being crushed either. I think Sony needs to do more of a refresh on the X-Media bar. It's only gets the job done, it's not as all informative as the dashboard nor as fun to look at (dynamic these are cool, but not enough). Sony needs to keep the ease of the X-media bar, but upgrade it to a contemporary look. Sony ask Apple to make the new look for you since you're providing them with Blu Ray. Videos like Pulse need to play once you click What's new, and so much more. MS has that image and convenience down, Sony doesn't.

They need a update to fix it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

"JOY, given MS's 'monkey see, monkey do' approach to this entire console generation, I find your comment laughable. Then again, I find most of your comments laughable, so I guess that isn't particularly special. " -evoanubis

You mean like how Sony jumped on the bandwagon after MS introduced

- Achievements
- Netflix to consoles
- online play to consoles (yes, MS made it mainstream. Dreamcast might have introduced it and PS2 might have had it, but neither made it into mainstream. One can almost argue that left the way it is, we might have never had what we have today! PSN might be sh!tty right now without Live.)

Basically it doesn't matter who came up with what first, it is who made it usefull enough for mass adoption. The invention of the wheel was useful, but not as much without the cart or the car!

ReviewsArePolitics3130d ago

When will Xbox 360 be like PS3 launched anyway? You know, reliable, playing actual Blu-ray quality HD movies (not upscaled), with exclusive games that are exclusive, equal in performance, etcetera etcetera.

Oh that's right, never.

sikbeta3130d ago


You have to change your name to:


hoops3130d ago

Fully agree. The more Sony can add in features like XBL, it gives MS no choice or excuse to cut the price of XBL.
Love this competition

-EvoAnubis-3130d ago

Larger HDD
Price drops instantly following competition
Installing games to HDD

Need more, or have I made my point?

IdleLeeSiuLung3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

I call it wise business decision. Do you blame Sony for copying Trophies? What about Netflix? Or how about cross game chat that is the most sought after feature on PSN? How about Home being a copy of second life?

"Need more, or have I made my point?"

But hey, if you already have double standards there is no point in discussing.

-EvoAnubis-3130d ago

It's not double standards, it's just that I have info that you don't. For example, it was Netflix that wanted to put their service on all the systems; Sony had nothing to do with that. And trophies and all that are things that fans have specifically asked for on the PlayStation.Blog. Where are all the people that were begging MS to have something similar to Miis, or to add HDMI a year later? I must have missed that.

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-EvoAnubis-3130d ago

Not sure about Last FM, but I can do Twitter and Facebook on my PS3 right NOW, and for internet radio I use Pandora. XMB integration would be nice, but since I can already do it, I really don't care one way or another.

Roper3163130d ago

1 more thing that Sony gives for free to PS3 users that you need to pay for on the 360.

Mr Tretton3130d ago

I only care about games. When I used Netflix, I preferred disc, because I make copies of them all. And as far as Facebook and Twitter, I've never touched either one of them.

I only play on PSN because it gives me free playability like I'd always had on PC. I will never pay for Xbox Live. If Microsoft allowed people to play free online without the bells and whistles, people would not pay to get the extra functions. MS just holds online hostage, and you pay a ransom for it.

Christopher3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Yes, just what we need, someone admitting to piracy through the Netflix service. We all know this will only encourage the movie publishing companies to continue to allow the Netflix service knowing it doesn't affect their dvd and Blu-ray sales!

ReviewsArePolitics3130d ago

He didn't admit to piracy through Netflix. He said:

"I preferred disc, because I make copies of them all."

He makes copies of all his discs. BTW, that IS legal, it's called managed copy.

Cenobia3130d ago

You can't make copies of discs you don't own. Therefore, making copies of rented discs is 100% illegal.

I'm actually not completely sure you can make copies of discs you actually do own, but I'm too lazy to research it.

djreplay3130d ago

Thank you Mr Tretton, You tell em Jack. I would think about buying a 360 if silver members could play online

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