School-Themed Tales of Vesperia DLC Costumes

New school-themed downloadable costumes for Tales of Vesperia have just been revealed.

The game has numerous changes, such as a brand new character, Patty Fleur, the addition of new bosses like the Sword Dancer, Flynn being playable for more that just one battle, among other changes. The game will also be fully voiced and will include new and altered scenes, such as Yuri fighting Don Whitehorse when the party visits Keiv Moc.

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blacksniper3251d ago

So is this coming to North America, or Europe.

Delta3251d ago

I hope this comes to NA. 2010 will be a Great year for RPG's.

Tdmd3251d ago

I really really would want to play this on my Ps3! Hope there will be news of an localization port soon. Not knowing if will it happen or not is just awful. To have such an enhanced version of an already amazing RPG and not being abçe to play it just because of the language is just mean.