Gamer Limit Preview: XBL dashboard update

Gamer Limit writes "Read on to check out Gamer Limit's preview of the biggest features in the Xbox Live dashboard update."

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syvergy3250d ago

Shame about the twitter app sucking, Last FM looks good though.

jFND903250d ago

Twitter's the most overrated thing ever. An XBL update is still an update though, good stuff.

StartWars3250d ago

I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments on twitter.

SilverDragon19793250d ago

Great video preview. I'm no ta very big fan of social networking myself, but hopefully others will enjoy these features!

Austin_SJ3250d ago

Twitter/facebook connectivity is just a gimmick.

GrahameG3250d ago

As someone who sits with his laptop in while gaming, the Facebook connectivity is quite pleasing. Whether I can actually be bothered writing messages with the 360's pad is an altogether different matter.

TheGameLlama3250d ago

Now everyone's gonna actually need one of the messenger kits/mini-keyboards. Got mine as a gift... LOVE IT!

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