El33tonline Review: Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space (Xbox 360 via XBLA)

El33tonline writes:

"Over the years the world has provided multiple unforgettable duos, names that just belong together. Batman and Robin; fish and chips; Laurel and Hardy; jam and cheese; and naturally, Sam and Max.

Sam, an oversized dog wearing a suit and hat, and Max, a white rabbitty thing, form the Freelance Police, solving those mysteries that the normal police are just too normal for, or are just not crazy enough to tackle. Sam is the Humphrey Bogart of the pair - smooth, smart, and he doesn't take any nonsense. Max can only be described as a crazy bunny. He will resolve volatile situations by sparking a fight. Rayman's Rabbids are surely inspired by Max. Combined, Sam and Max are the perfect crime solving team!"

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