$100 Xbox Live could end the console war

Gamer Limit writes "Michael Pachter's job is to predict the future of the video games industry, which entails making sweeping accusations that usually cause quite a stir. As a guest on the most recent episode of Game Trailers' Bonus Round, he kept his hot streak going with a new prediction that stunned everyone. Apparently his crystal ball has informed him Xbox Live will eventually cost $100 a year."

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SilverDragon19793338d ago

Now that Sony has just announced NETFLIX streaming is coming to the PS3, the odds are tilting even more and more in favor of the PSN. Microsoft won't even be able to get away with $50 a year for XBL soon.

Projekt7tuning3338d ago

Please keep in mind this is a Michael Pachter prediction. I dont think this is going to happen. Pachter is wrong, what like 95% of the time. If it happens I will be dumbfounded. I would have to take some credence in Pachter predictions, and I cant bare the thought of that. I just dont see stock holders being that short sighted. If it happened yea stock might spike at fist, but then it would drop dramatically. The 360 is making a lot of money right now for Microsoft, I just dont see them committing suicide like that. I love my PS3 and my 360, it would suck to have to give up my live account. That's kind of one of the best features of the 360. Im not going to worry though because again its Michael Pachter were talking abut here.

edgeofblade3338d ago

I have out predicted Pachter on a regular basis. He said the 60 GB upgrade for the 360 would push more than PS3 in that month. I predicted to the contrary... PS3 would outsell 360 despite a minor sales bump. Which it did. The normal non-blog following consumer won't know about the upgrade.

Long story short, Pachter is usually wrong when he makes a statement that turns heads, and he even misses some of the most elementary predictions. The only predictions he can hit consistently are those that a 5 year old could make.

Now, do you think Microsoft will STILL raise the price after hearing this prediction? The members of the "Church of the Holy Playstation" should recognize that if they want 360 to fail, Pachter should have kept his mouth shut and let Microsoft make the mistake they would have allegedly made.

Though honestly, I can't see MS taking the price hike anyway... not with PSN being free and all. It makes no strategic sense, and Microsoft isn't a stupid as you like to think they are.

darkmurder3338d ago

Pachter is an idiot I could do a better job and not get paid for it.

sack_boi3338d ago

Every single game with dedicated sercers, Home, all XBLA games and movies free, then I'd consider paying $100.

It's probably going to cost less on the internet anyway, I pay $28 instead of the $50 I always hear about.

StanLee3338d ago

Michael Pachter must go to bed at night with a smile on his face knowing the puedo celebrity he has becoming in the gaming industry. Dude, must go to be thinking, "What dumb sh*t can I say tomorrow to have the internet regurgitating the asinine sh*t I say?"

nbsmatambo3338d ago

you know wat SONY has to do, make an add that tells people that PSN is free...just like the PC-Mac adds APPLE makes...

im sure that would do wonders for them

siyrobbo3338d ago

Im getting fed up woth XBOX live. To be honest, the netflix thing really bugged the hell out of me. Im having to pay £30 a year, which MS is spending on timed exclusivity needlessly. To top it all off, i live in the UK, and cant even get Netflix. Now i do enjoy xbox live, the online gaming aspect of it is really good, but i dont believe for 1 second that it is any better than playstation network.

I dont yet own a PS3, but soon i will, and no doubt my LIVE subscription will be going the way of the dodo. I dont play halo online (like the game, but not that much) the only game i want to play online is modern warfare 2, and thats on Playstation as well

The Wood3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

there are many like you. I really cant see MS putting the price up as that is suicide in the long term. Yes some will cling to false truths and features(diminishing) and more importantly, their friends/buddies( a worthy reason) but many will just say eff this sh!t. Games are getting more expensive and we're still in a recession so every little helps even if it is only 0.0000023 pence/cents a day

@ stan lee, I agree. I stopped listening to this dude over a year ago.

zeeshan3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

I think PATCHER comes up with these outrageous predictions for a reason. Who would want to look like a dumbas* who knows nothing about his very own job. I think companies pay him to do that. Not just M$ but it could also be Sony, Nintendo, Apple etc

I think they use Patcher to inject an idea in the market without any official word and they get their feedback based on Patcher's predictions. See, it's easy with the internet being so common now. Use Patcher as proxy to inject an idea of increasing the price or introducing new hardware or new features and see how the online community (that's millions of people) react to that news. If there is a huge uproar against the idea, kill it, if not, then just do it.

At least I HOPE I am right because if I am not then I'd LOVE to take on his job and I'd do it for half of what he gets paid 'cuz I know, I'd still make a buttload of money doing nothing and predicting crap :d

leeger3338d ago

since Pachter is the one who said, then it's already confirmed that XBL Gold will NOT go up to $100/year LOL

Blaster_Master3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Actually, I can agree with Patcher on this one. I dont know why you guys hate on him so much? He seems like a decent person. He just so happens to be an Industry Insider. So he knows things that other people dont know. Like what if Microsoft ended up still keeping it for $50 bucks just to play online, but paying for for other features like cable and other offerings for $100? The possibilities are unimaginable.

cwir3338d ago

I got a friend at work who told me last week that his 3rd 360 died on him and he's getting a PS3 this time (through some phone plan deal). He already got PES2010 for it and is still waiting for the PS3 to come. And we had a funny conversation (funny for me):
Dave: hey man, what do I need to do to play online with you?
Me: just create PSN account, send me a friend request and we're playing.
Dave: how much is it?
Me: how much is what?
Dave: that PSN account.
Me: it's free!
Dave: yeah. but how much is the subscription so I can play online?
Me: there's no subscription! you create an account and you can play right away.
Dave: you don't pay for it?
Me: hell no!
Dave: so you got it hacked or something?
Me: what? no! it's free, man! Playstation Network is free, playing online is FREE!
Dave: you're joking, right?
Me: no man :). that's the way it is. I know you were paying for Xbox Live but that wasn't normal. normal is free :)
Dave: shiiiiit..
Me: so let me know when you get it and we'll play some footy online.
Dave: (holding his phone to his ear) hold on I have to tell my brother..

About an hour later Dave was passing by my desk and asked me:
Dave: is it really free?...

True story :)

otherZinc3338d ago

He's wrong most of the time & M$ isn't that stupid. I'll have 3 360's soon (son & I have ours, daughter this winter) & I wont pay $300 a year for live, its a little to much.

CimmerianDrake3338d ago

You all understand don't you that Pachter wasn't the only one to say this right? Plus, Microsoft haven't even denied it. They simply said that they don't plan on doing anything with the price of Live in the next few months. That means that Live could easily go up to $100 a year next year. And if you think Microsoft WON'T do it, you're naive.

sikbeta3338d ago

Live has to be free, but fanboys instead prefer to pay just because M$ says, M$ is really happy with their zealots, damn, Who in hell will support a faulty console like the xbox 360, first owners that bought another xbox because of the RROD and now compare with the YLOD, saying why Sony give only 1 year warranty like every electronic company do and feel so happy having 3 years warranty, but don't understand M$ did it in order to not get sued as hell, then zealots talk about quality games comparing multiplat games, but when someone bring first party games, they say: "but the sales", that's why It'll not surprise me if M$ rise to $100 for Live and zealots will pay it with joy

Irrational is the only word resounding in my head

Maddens Raiders3338d ago

Microsoft can charge $150 a year if they wanted because of the quality of their product.

3337d ago
Xgamerzus3337d ago

LOL, after RROD, Vista, and Zune, 100 dollars is a Discount!!
Just be glad Xbox live works most of the time!!!!

Projekt7tuning3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Michael Pachter dose not deserve this much attention. He is most likely Getting a bigger head over this attention.

vhero3337d ago

Was in a game store yesterday and 2 people both bought PS3's and both said the reason they chose the PS3 over 360 was the online fee and since the consoles were so close in price now in the UK if you bought 1 year sub with 360. They both chose PS3 plus they both wanted wireless for no extra cost and the large hard drive versions. Cost was always on 360s side but its not longer a benefactor and now PS3 has a lot more going for it and its actually cheaper than 360 for the ultimate version of the console (if you include wireless+1year online sub+120HDD) their is really no choice. That's not even throwing blu-ray support into the mix either! I cannot see MS upping Live but they are greedy enough to try it.

The Creep3337d ago

when xbox live starts washing the dishes and cooking me dinner will be the day i start shilling out 100 bucks for an online service


kunit22c3337d ago

just the other day I was playing Halo with a bunch of friends and their 360's (all my friends have 360's except me) but they were all saying how paying for online is like an arm and a leg, and how they are already considering getting a PS3, if this happened they would definitely switch over. I am already planning to get a PS3, I have the money now but I will wait and try my luck at Christmas and see if I could just get it as a Christmas present and then spend my $400 on games, or I was thinking maybe even an Itouch and a few games.

7thNightvolley3337d ago

not could .... "WILL END THE CONSOLE WAR"..

i for one do about 98 percent of my gaming on my 360 and if that was what the price to pay was .. i will sell this shyt so fast.. if microsoft was even for a second .. think about that .. and the 360 is not shytting out gold... they go go eat dirt for all i care...

edgeofblade3337d ago

The only naive one is you if you think Microsoft isn't aware of the situation. Odds are, you're just a Microsoft hating cynic. There is no way Microsoft will hike the price unless they offer something additional. Can you imagine the backlash Microsoft will suffer? Microsoft does. Like I said, they aren't as stupid as you like to think they are...

CimmerianDrake3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Oh really? You're talking about a company that overcharges on everything. A company that is forcing the consumer into using their overpriced HDD so that they can make money. A company that KNOWINGLY released a defective product, denied the defects until forced to acknowledge them, and pretends that the warranty they offer was an idea offered out of the kindness of their heart and NOT because of impending class action lawsuits and a possible forced recall. A company that didn't want to acknowledge the ADDITIONAL problems their product caused. A company that charges consumers for features they can get for FREE everywhere else. A company that has proven that they are more interested in buying old ideas than risking the push for new ones. A company that SUCCESSFULLY released an EXPANSION PACK at the price of a FULL game and SUCCESSFULLY marketed as such thanks to a fanbase that is STARVED for variety in their games. A company that knows it can release the same games over and over and people will buy them because they really have no choice since nothing else is released.

I can keep going on and on. But suffice it to say, if you think Microsoft WON'T do this, you haven't been paying attention to what they've been doing thus far and you're exactly the problem with the state of gaming when an expansion pack can outsell a full, and better, game. Microsoft haven't even denied it, and you think that they won't do it? What will it take for the Microsoft enthusiasts to finally open their eyes? Microsoft coming right out and saying "yeah, we're just going to financially sodomize you and you're going to take it and like it."?

*EDIT* Microsoft can't even justify the $50 a year they charge now. What kind of feature would you be willing to pay ANOTHER $50 a year for? For $100 a year, they'd better offer something their competitors not only DON'T have, but never WILL have. They don't even have dedicated servers for goodness sake, and you seriously think they won't do this? Microsoft has really brainwashed the masses this gen.

Cueil3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

I like how you don't take into account both the quality assurance that your crappy hong kong HDD didn't go through nor the percentage of sales that go to Intel and Nvidia for emulation license. And blatantly ignore the fact that the wifi adapter uses A,B, and G instead of just B and G. These items are priced for profit to be sure, but they are not as blatant a rip off as some seem to think.

edit: Also dedicated servers are something that Live does support and has supported since the original Xbox. It's up to the developers or publishers to offer it.

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Austin_SJ3338d ago

At first I thought this was a fanboy rant, but the full read makes sense. I would never pay $100 (I don't even pay $50 yet because I have no friends with xbox)

Fullish3338d ago

At least if it was that much you would know that the fellow players aren't annoying kiddies.

Johnny Jiron3338d ago

It's not worth an extra $50 to shut some of them up. Even then I think they'd be more than willing, than an adult with common sense, to pay it. Half them pay $100+ just to have a modded controller.

If they ever do increase the price and I'm unable to buy one the cheap offers on sites like Amazon, they can say goodbye to another customer once the current sub runs dry. Luckily I am already set and ready with a PS3 just in case.

mastiffchild3337d ago

What worries me(as I don't really want to lose Live permanently but won't payan more than I do now-as that's a piss take really)is that after what MS did with ODST they might just do this after Xmas.

I don't usually subscrive to MS being as daft as some make out but, to me , ODST was a shockingly executed mistake. Had they done two versions and both at a lower price the uptke would have been amazing(yes, way better than the good sales it got-I'm talking sales as nig as H3 itsel;f at the right ptices)and brought Bungie and MS much more cash and given many more people another reason to pay for Live.

None of my mates bought it as we couldn't justify £45 for the package when we all had the maps anyway and the campaign's so short. Thing is had they released just the two new maps and Firefight with the SP for £25 we'd ALL have got it-and release the full package at £30-35 and even more of those without the maps would have been tempted. Selling at a discount works in gaming-look at Vavle and the Steam deals for L4D. Selling 4mllion ODST at full price wouldn't stack up to9million at three quarters of the price esp when these people would then buy Live subs.

Maybe I'm wrong but we've talked abiut this a lot and I worry that this kind of short sighted approach might bring MS to the belief that £50/$100 for Live is a good idea when it would really hurt them, imo. PSN is catching up in all areas and in some important ones(like dedicated servers)has surpassed Live already-make no mistake I and many others would wanl away from Live with ANY rise let alone that big a rise!

With a better line up next year(Reach inparticular)of exclusives would anyone be THAT surprised should MS think they could force this through. It's unlikely, granted, but after some other shonky decisions it isn't impossible.

jFND903338d ago

I'd never pay $100 for XBL. Actually..I don't know, depends on how desperate I am. Considering that PSN's free (even though it's inferior to XBL), it'll probably have to do.

zeeshan3338d ago

How the heck is it inferior to XBL? Seriously, stop with the lame fanboy crap!

Cueil3337d ago

His opinion is just as valid as yours... Live is a seamlessly integrated service that extends through the entire console... PSN is not and never will be. That's just the nature of how the two different services got placed on their system.

syvergy3338d ago

It's already close to that in Australia!

Cueil3337d ago

You guys down there always get the raw deal... you think a group of people who lived in one of the most dangerous places in the world would get the better prices... it's closer to china than the US is

PimpHandHappy3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

what makes XBL better? Is it the dedicated servers on XBL?

just wondering

PS3 has cross game invites with some games.... Devs are building it in 2da party systems
like if i was playing COD4 i would see someone sent me a invite to play Uncharted 2

maybe its the cross game chat? Tell the truth i dont need that if im playing online... if i was playing a single player game i wouldn't mind really because then i can talk without neglecting the team im playing with

why is XBL better? Does XBL have chat rooms? How about text chat rooms that can hold (my limit so far) 6... might do more but thats just the most i have had in one room while everyone was playing other games... its like cross game chat but without voice

what do you mean back doors? Most if not all online games have a party system... so what you saying?

Pennywise3338d ago

When people generalize and cookie cut their responses, they usually don't have a reason.

Serial_EDX3338d ago

Actually for me, its the ease of use that makes XBL better. I don't have to go threw a bunch of backdoors to do what I want.

That doesn't mean I don't love PSN, Because Home is one thing I love so much about PSN.

Bucky Sligo3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Cross-game invites for all games
Cross-game party systems which let you take part in chat sessions even if you are not playing the same game.
Ease of use - joining one of your friends is realy easy, just select "join game & party" on his gamertag and you will be chating to him instantly even before you are in the game.

I own both consoles and apart from the above, there is just something that makes XBL very friendly and inviting that I can't put my finger on. It's just so simple to socialize on it.

PSN is busy trying to catch up but I don't think it will ever. XBL is just always one step ahead. Is it worth 4$ a month? It's up to you to decide but I will gladly pay the 4$ since it's almost nothing and it's a great system.


@ skittles

If it catches up, well done Sony, maybey Msoft will drop the 4$ a month? But remember that Msoft isn't sitting around waiting for Sony. By the time Sony get cross-game chat, Msoft will get something else. Remember that XBL had cross-game chat since 2006 so they are focusing on other aspects.

LtSkittles3338d ago

And, what if PSN does catch up? We have proof that cross-game chat is in the works.

D4RkNIKON3338d ago

PS3 text chat rooms hold 16 people.

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