E3 not so "down-scaled" after all?

ESA has published the schedule for this year's "down-scaled" E3 in Santa Monica, and it's looking like pretty much the same carnival act we've been used to seeing in previous years.

Microsoft will kick off events with an hour-long conference on July 10 at 8:30pm - perhaps minus The Killers and free-booze if E3 is indeed saving the pennies.

Nintendo will follow the next day with its bash at 9am, followed as always by Sony Computer Entertainment at 11:30am. Electronic Arts, Activison and others will have their own briefings that afternoon.

Venues for the platform holder conferences are yet to be revealed, but the third party briefings are due to go down at the Starlight Ballroom in the Fairmont Hotel.

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Always enjoyed the anticipation of E3. Battle for the bigger news!You know, Yah!

BlackIceJoe4197d ago

So mostly just less people which I think will be a plus. E3 has always been a zoo.

I can't wait to see what Sony shows this is there last chance for some people. That is why they need to show lots of great games. As for the other two companies I think they will have some nice stuff to show and if they do not really have that it game. I do not think it will hurt them as much as it would Sony.

masterg4197d ago

Cant wait to see Killzone. They promised playable demo displayed at E3.

fenderputty4197d ago

They did however promise gameplay footage. Which ... is good enough for me. It's like having our GF stop giving you the cold shoulder after 3 years. lol

MySwordIsHeavenly4197d ago

Sony OWNS this years E3.


MS has some cool announcements about Live that impress "some" people.

Nintendo pulls the same crap they've been pulling for years. (only letting limited amounts of people in at a time to enhance hype)

Sony will blow everyone away with Home, Eye of Judgement, Killzone, Gran Turismo, Heavenly Sword, and other titles we have yet to hear about. Here's hoping for an Resistance: Rise of Man trailer!!!

I think the PSP will actually show itself off this year. I mean, it's just getting a phone service in the UK, which is promised later in the US. It's getting its own store. God of War, Devil May Cry, and Silent Hill are debuting on the system...

It's time for the PSP to rise...

calderra4197d ago

"MS has some cool announcements about Live that impress "some" people."

Yeah, I mean just Halo 3, Blue Dragon, Lost Oddyssey, Fable 2, potential games like Gears of War 2...

Nintendo only has Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros, Metroid, and probably a new Zelda...

Psshh... just write-offs

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The story is too old to be commented.