Apple: "Windows 7 is antiquated technology."

Claudine Beaumont Technology Editor for the Telegraph writes:

"The criticism comes from Brian Croll, vice president of Apple's Mac OS X worldwide product marketing. He said that Microsoft users were tired of the "headaches" caused by the Windows operating system, and expects some disillusioned Windows users to switch to Apple's Mac platform."

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tdrules3162d ago

and apple's hardware is antiquated within a year, what is their point.
why do they think the upgrade to a quad processor shouldnt be allowed below a grand

josh143993162d ago

although i think snow leopard is much better than windows 7 (i have both) i think apple need to shut up and focus on advertising that doesn't criticise their rival. even though msoft generally is worse with criticising its rivals (then again most companies that are a threat they buy)

tdrules3162d ago

I would also be using Snow Leopard but Apple decided to shut off anyone with a PowerPC iMac G5, which I got in 05.

My friend's PC from '03 can run Windows 7, its retarded

Software_Lover3161d ago

Now they talk about them on the internet. I have never had a problem with a windows O.S. If a problem did occur it was the problem of the software that I was using at the time. I had an imac once and never had a problem with it either. Sold it. Apple computer = Windows computer. The only difference is

You will never be different from anyone if you buy an apple computer because they are all the same. What they sale is what you get.

Millions of pc'ers (not a word) can have millions of different pc configurations. So you can show your true colors more.