PES 2010 shines on PS3

Though the Xbox 360 traditionally enjoys the greater share of multiplatform title sales, the PS3 has emerged as the clear platform of choice for Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer.

The PS3 version of PES 2010, which was released last Friday, accounted for 66 per cent of the game's overall sales, with Xbox 360 claiming less than half that (32 per cent).

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Naar3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

I thought only COD is important in gaming world.

UnSelf3310d ago

lol u wish

nice try though

gaffyh3310d ago

Actually the main reason is probably because more PS2 gamers have moved on to PS3. A LOT of people in UK bought a PS2 ONLY for Pro Evo, so when they moved to the new PS3, it's only natural for them to buy Pro Evo (which is still considered better than Fifa).

StanLee3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Too bad PES sucks. That said, Fifa Soccer 10 has also sold better on the PS3. Football is the world's biggest sport and widely popular in Europe and Asia where the PS3 enjoys a very substantial install base. Football isn't as popular in the US where the XBox 360 enjoys the larger install base.

Sarcasm3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

It's the UK, they love their Soccer and Racing Sims.

cmrbe3310d ago

That is the legacy of the PS brand some people still don't understand. PS is the first gaming console to reach out to manistream. Sony got soccer fans to buy a gaming console much like how they managed to get car fans to buy a PS console with GT and F1 back then. This strategy is how Sony managed to a mass a huge variety of PS fanbase and why no ps game ever sold to more than 40% of any PS console. For core PS fans it's games like MGS, FF, gow, dmc that matters the most but to the majority of mainstream ps fans it's either a scoccer game, sandbox game, racing game or music game.

X360 on the otherhand evolved around PC FPS and that's why anything with guns on the x360 sells. Others not so much.

JokesOnYou3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

"This is at least in part due to the release of Xbox 360 exclusive Forza Motorsport 3 this week, which claimed second spot" -MCV

I'm surprised it beat FIFA, which won't last long.

1. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (Konami)
2. Forza Motorsport 3 (Microsoft)
3. FIFA 10 (EA)
4. Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games (Sega)
5. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 (THQ)
6. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Sony)
7. Borderlands (2K Games)
8. Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo)
9. Need for Speed: Shift (EA)
10. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (Codemasters)

-OMG a football(soccer) game beating a racing game in the UK! Yeah and while you ps3 extremist are having a parade about it outselling F3, UC2 only came out a week prior to this sales data and is of course even further down the charts, no doubt PES will outsell them both.

Just like rpg's, soccer while nice to have on the console (diversity)have never been huge sellers on 360. In other news Japan doesn't really like shooters or western games in general, dont expect that to change overnight either.


table3310d ago

It's funny, every time I mention these trends I get a load of disagrees. I bet the next time I mention this people will ignore the truth yet again.

Aquanox3310d ago

PES roots are on Playstation. It's not a surprise that most copies were sold on Sony's console.

In the case of FIFA however (A game that sold massively more) the difference between both is marginal.

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chattha3310d ago

The reason would be that the 360 is strongest in the US, where there aren't a lot of footie fans. Compared to Europe and Asia, who are football crazy, naturally sales would be higher.

Halo3 MLG Pro3310d ago

Hmmmmm, probably because 360 owners picked up the better Fifa franchise. PES 2010 sucks.

droid and bot3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

nice spin
but yet again you fail

fifa 10 (PS3)
1.28 million

fifa 10 (360)
0.91 million

so now that this game didn't sell better on the 360 too
it sucks .... right ???

the game released almost a month ago
add to that VG chartz didn't include JP,US and EU
it wont sell much in the US
but EU and JP it sells like hot cakes and guess what
on the PS3

UnSelf3310d ago

xbox 360 owners............does that include the ones that teabag and own you all day in Halo?

3310d ago
HolyOrangeCows3310d ago

The days of bad ports is over, ''halopro''

Sorry to disappoint you.

3310d ago
badz1493309d ago

you are the biggest spinner today and you FAILED!


LOL at that pic!

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