2009: Worst Xbox 360 exclusive lineup ever, 2010 looks great

Microsoft jumped full throttle into this the seventh generation of videogame consoles with the Xbox 360. Call of Duty 2 amongst other games were released at launch to help bolster the system's value. Being that the console was the only next-gen platform available on the market, many titles that might have been multiplat were released as either timed exclusives, or exclusive to the Xbox 360. That was in 2005.

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Narutone663129d ago

And it's a joke comparing those xbox 360 games to PS3 exclusive games. Some of those 360 games may not be exclusive.

UnSelf3129d ago

i may not like Microsoft's practices, but what i dislike much more is ppl who keeeeeeeeeeeeeps on saying that MS titles are not exclusive cuz u can get them on PC.

My theory is, if you cant get it on the ps3 or Wii, then its a 360 exclusive. Cuz if u really wanna get technical, MS owns Windows, so they make money regardless.

Hellsvacancy3129d ago

God of War III PS3 vs Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360
Heavy Rain PS3 vs Alan Wake Xbox 360 bwhahahahahahahahahaha thats so funny

Wotta crappy article

The Meerkat3129d ago

Battlestations Pacific was a 360 exclusive.

And the fact that it only appeals to the older gamers makes the MP all the better.

Raf1k13129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

'EXCLUSIVE, rights. Debarring one from participating in a thing. An exclusive right or privilege, is one granted to a person to do a thing, and forbidding all others to do the same. A patent right or copyright, are of this kind.
Source: Bouvier's Law Dictionary, Revised 6th Ed (1856)'

A game being exclusive means it's only available to one platform (that's how it's always been). Just because MS owns Windows doesn't mean you can't play PC games on other operating systems as Linux with a little program called Wine. They're called PC games after all not Windows games.

edit: I know the quote isn't about games but it can still be applied since exclusivity is the same wherever it's used.

mrv3213129d ago

I agree, if you are not required to own x, to play a particual game then that game isn't exclusive to x.

If I don't have to own a 360 to play Gears of War then it is not exclusive.

Serial_EDX3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

But you still can't play it on the ps3/wii, So its console exclusive, how hard headed are you people?

Hell about 98% of you using that excuse won't buy said game no matter what, So stop your fanboy drivle.

kevoncox3129d ago

2009 was a bad year for all gamers. The Ps3 didn't have that many great exculsives. Lets ignore PSN and XBOX live releases because they aren't full games.

1) Killzone 2
2) Infamous
3) Demon's Soul
4) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

A Whopping 4 titles. Great games but I think we can all agree that both lineups were anemic( xbox's worst than Ps3's). I just hate when people are 1 sided like that.

Jinxstar3129d ago

One way to get your hits from N4G.... Write a stupid blog...

mrv3213129d ago

FF 14 isn't a exclusive.
MLB '09 isn't a exclusive in my book.

Any game that I can ONLY play on PS3 is a PS3 exclusive.
Any game that can be played on anything else isn't a PS3 exclusive, regardless of what.

hay3129d ago

@Serial_EDX: So it's a console exclusive. Exclusive by definition means that game has to be on one platform to be called that. Console exclusive you can call a subgroup of exclusive which in the name margins for which elements it's exclusive.

Console exclusive != exclusive.

So when we're speaking about exclusives, first Gears isn't one. But when it comes to console exclusives, we explicitly mark that it's only on one kind of a console, not platform in overall.

Hard headed, huh? Better start looking at yourself before you criticize others.

raztad3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

I have Mass Effect and Gears 1 running in my Sony laptop, are they still exclusives?

The whole point of exclusiveness is to have people buying the console, in that regard PC/x360 games never wont make me to buy a xbox360.

Greywulf3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

... i'm glad none of those have "SPECIAL DEFINITIONS" for what exclusive means. Quite simply, if its an exclusive PS3/Wii/Ps2 game, you know you're only playing it on a PS3, and its the only place to play it.

Unlike 360 exclusives, which you can also play on a PC. Now, define that however you want, but many people who don't own 360s, don't have to buy one to play the bigger "exclusive" games. And you don't have to upgrade a PC to some crysis rig for a game that plays on an Arcade 360 without a HDD. Thats what exclusive traditionally means. 1 device. Its meant that since all generations even with game studios publishing on multiple devices until this gen for some STRANGE reason.

Call it what you want, but why is it that every consoles exclusives don't have asterisks by the word exclusive? PC-PS3 titles aren't "exclusive" PS3 games. Nor are games that sony publishes on both platforms.

I'm fine with the 360 being the only console that calls "exclusive" reasons to by the console, software that you can play on multiple devices.

But dont pretend it means the same as exclusive means for the PS3/PS2/Wii/Xbox/Atari Jaguar/3do/PSX/Dreamcast/Super famicon/neogeo/ anyone feel like adding some..

The Wood3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

please add Demon souls and MLB 09 and a possible R+C and it does look a lot stronger and less anaemic making your list of 4 jump to 7 which is better than the year of the 'perfect storm' to be fair I didnt add Ninja gaiden sigma 2 for differing reasons but 8 if you like because its definitely a quality title and definitely better than ninja blade

BX813129d ago

Why is that funny? I'm not a big fan of the GOD of War series at all so my choice would be Splinter Cell. I'm really looking forward to Heavy Rain but I'm most likely based on gameplay going to enjoy Alan Wake more. MAG will get lunched by Mass Effect 2 because the beta sucked for me. Both systems have good games based on your preference but you can't discard a title because you don't like it or it's not your game type or you like Sony over MS. You have to admit both systems will have good games in 2010!

ABizzel13129d ago

@ 1.7

You forgot MLB 09, Ratchet and Clank, God of War Collection (it's a remake, but it's still exclusive), Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (same deal as God of War), Yakuza 3 (Japan), and FF13 (Japan). And as you said that's not including PSN and XBLA.

The PS3 had the best lineup of game this year, especially after you include the 3rd party games, the other consoles can't say the same. Not to mention that every exclusive game that came out on the PS3 this year are easy candidates for GOTY awards in their genres, and have a great chance at winning.

Best Action game

Infamous (Infamous or Batman is going to win)
Ninja Gaiden
God of War Collection

Best Platformer

Ratchet and Clank (What was better then R&C)

Best Sports

MLB: 09 (has competition)

Best Shooter

Killzone 2 (Between KZ2, ODST, or MW2)

Best RPG

Demon's Soul

Best Adventure

Uncharted 2


Uncharted 2 (MW2, and AC2 are the only games that can topple it at this point.)

Nolando3129d ago

i agree with you, i just feel like idk Microsoft should keep some more games just on the 360... i mean h0w much more of a killer app would left 4 dead, mass effect 2,splinter cell conviction and some other titles be if it was only 360? i mean imo they are still exclusive to 360, since PC has never really been involved in the console war only when PS3 fans want it to be.

but imo it does cheapen a 360 exclusive, and imo why cant Microsoft stop paying for stupid DLC and lock some games down... idk ive just been really baffeled by microsoft's decisions lately, sony has been acting like microsoft use to when they were underdogs. Sony is doing all they can to bring tons of AAA titles now because they know they are losing atm. back when the original xbox came out microsoft scratched and fought for every killer app they could get and new IP's... but its like idk, they are too full of themselves just like sony was at the start of this generation and i think if PS3 bites them in the @$$ the next year or two they will get their act togehter, cause i love my 360 lol :)

rockleex3129d ago

Is a Playstation exclusive.

Serial_EDX3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Fine if you guys want to take it that way,

ps2/ps1/xbox/n64, and all other systesm but the current gen are not exclusives no matter what, I can play them on my PC, next gen I can play ps3 games on my PC as well. so in truth there is no such thing as exclusive ever, especially since all of the games are made on PC and thus can run on PC.

you see the loop hole here or are you going to try and spin it?

Jaces3129d ago

2010 is lining up to be an awesome year for both 360 and PS3 owners. :D

ThanatosDMC3129d ago

It hard to make excuses when people play on their PCs. The best 360 exclusive that MS got their hands on and are still holding on to is Dead Rising! I bought a 360 just for that specific game then whatever else i bought afterwards.

Unicron3129d ago

Wow Serial... relax. I ask myself this... do I need a 360 to play this title. If I do not, then it's not exclusive, now is it?

I can enjoy some great 360 titles like Mass Effect and L4D without having to go out and buy a 360. So why should I spend the extra $ on a console that I frankly do not need? It doesn't make the system "worse," it just makes it pretty useless for me.

Contrary to that point, I DO need a PS3 to play titles like MGS4 and Uncharted 2. See the difference?

Serial_EDX3129d ago

Yet it is a exclusive to people who do not have a gaming rig, I didn't get a gaming rig until recent, and I've been playing since NES. So if we go with the spin you just said, its now exclusive to select people.

or will this be spun again?

gaffyh3129d ago

LMAO @kevincox, talking trash about PS3 exclusives when they are some of the BEST games in their respective genres. Quantity AND quality matters!

bnaked3129d ago

Sony's line up is the best in history..

JokesOnYou3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Yes I agree compared to every other year 2009 was not as stellar in terms of overall exclusive game greatness that 360 usually has.

Still these are all great imo;
Halo Wars

Still Forza3 will take up alot of my time to finish out 2009,likely for quite awhile until the next Forza, but I'll play some L4D2 and plenty of MW2 in 2009(ssshhh people only buy exclusives) then next year is already full of great games, and I'm sure as usual more surprises/games will be announced. 360 still selling well in hardware and lots of games both exclusives and multiplats, even without its strongest gaming lineup in 2009.


Jinxstar3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )


I'm gonna explain something to you and I want you to remember. If something is ONLY on the 360 it is a 360 exclusive. If something is on the 360 and PC it is a 360 CONSOLE exclusive. If something is available on a pirated emulator it is not a legal platform and does not count as a platform. If however you got a game off steam or gametap in a legal way it is possibly still a CONSOLE exclusive. If Super mario bros is available for NEW, SNES and the WII it is a console exclusive. If it is pirated on an emulator that doesn't count as it is unofficial. If you go to asia you can get some wicked crazy pirated stuff.

If a game like Street fighter comes to consoles and then PC it is TIMED CONSOLE exclusive.... It's REALLY not that hard to figure this stuff out. It's actually really simple and logical.

When the title of a blog says "Best 360 exclusives" and PC games are on that list it is not accurate because it should read "Best 360 console exclusives" meaning out of all the consoles it's only available on the 360. The PC is a very viable platform for gaming. I play games on it. Granted most of my competitive games are on console but I play a LOT of RPG's and otherwise on PC. Or single player FPS's like Bioshock or other things like that. It's all in what kind of experience someone wants and it's a great platform and should never be written off. Sales for PC suck this is true but mostly because of Piracy and not because people don't play ont he platform.

However there are too many rumors and too many "360 console exclusives" that have come to the PS3 to really even believe any lists in regards to the 360 as I can guarantee you by the time E3 rolls around next year the PS3 will probably be seeing a few of those.

hay3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

@Serial_EDX: Seriously, dude, you're clueless. You're talking about emulation, an successful attempt on artifically trying to run software designed for other systems.
Exclusive rights are acquired by company/news outlet/whatever want's and gets exclusivity, and is provided by developer/add-your-own of the subject which will be exclusive. Treat it as a license or obligation that developer and/or publisher has to make and publish the game for one platform they have the deal with, for the needs of this explanation.
You just mentioned broadly accessible console emulation which is made completely by third parties which aren't a part of the deal mentioned earlier so therefor cannot be called multiplats since the emulator imitates the original hardware it was designed to run for.

Get a grip man.

Killjoy30003129d ago

Profit that companies make off software is just as redundant as the whole sales argument when determining what platforms any given game can be played on. Exclusive in this generation means it's strictly on one platform.

Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead 2
Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Splinter Cell Conviction
The Agency
Gears of War

All of these games can be found on a system other then the 360, wouldn't you agree? I'm definitely not hating on the 360, but that's just the facts.

4Sh0w3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

No matter how you slice it, those 360/pc exclusives help sell the 360, not the ps3. Theres no way 360 would be doing so well this gen competing against the ps brand without those games. That "exclusive" word means more to fanboys than to gamers, all the gamer who's decided to buy a ps3 or 360 today knows is that these games available the 360 shelf if he buys a 360 and he can play these games available on the ps3 shelf if he buys a ps3. PC version of 360 games are likely selling to pc devoted gamers, or ps3 fans who don't want a 360 anyway, so that doesn't seem to be hurting 360 much.

sikbeta3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

You forget about Ratchet and Clank Future: ACiT

5 PS3 exclusives games vs What?

"My theory is, if you cant get it on the ps3 or Wii, then its a 360 exclusive. Cuz if u really wanna get technical, MS owns Windows, so they make money regardless"

So, If I play Gears or ME or I can Emulate a DreamCast im my Sony VAIO is a Sony exclusive, oh... AWESOME, Sony has more exclusives then

Greywulf3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

You have the travel to some future time when emulation is done for current gen games to prove a point, Good job!See you next gen when we are playing exclusives on our PC's mate.But until that time, the fact remains that with your logic in hand...

the 360 still comes up short, until 2020? Bring me back an almanac.

Once again,

You have to bend the time space continuum to define 360 games exclusivity folks.

3129d ago
Greywulf3129d ago

No one TRASHES 360 games because they are multiplatform. Christ, Mass effect is one of the better games of this gen, same with L4D.

The problem is people try to say the 360 has more "EXCLUSIVE" games, which it doesn't. Then you go into this asinine description of how you have to change the rules of exclusivity to prove a point. and the point always ends up the game being played on 2 devices.

2 devices = not exclusive for PS3/Wii/PS2/everything else..
2 devices for 360 = "console exclusive"

Stop making up arguments based on nonsense.

crck3129d ago

I owe all 4 gaming platforms and any game that comes out on PC and 360 I'm getting it on PC. For me at least it will run smoother, look better and be cheaper. So personally I don't consider a game on pc and 360 a 360 exclusive. That also goes for the PS3 as well. I don't consider FF 14 a Ps3 exclusive either.

MEsoJD3129d ago

well most commenting on this site are on a pc.

I game on pc and ps3. I see no reason to dish out more cash for a

another system if I can get the pc version. With ps3 exclusives you

can't play them anywhere else but a ps3.

sure some 360 games aren't on pc but I haven't seen one I'm hurting

to get. Only game I might hurt for is Alan Wake but I'm sure a pc

version is coming, but I can still live without it.

cmrbe3129d ago

Multi- Many
Platform - Hardware.

PC is a platform.
X360 is another platform.

SC, ME are on both PC and x360. Therefore both are multi-platform. Not exclusive to the x360.

@bubbles. Does MS own my computer?. Last time i check it has a HP logo on it.

People, This is not rocket science.

@Kenvoncx. Speak for yourself. PS fans has way too many games this year to buy mostly because of excellent PS3 exclsuives.

As for 2010. What real exclsuives does the x360 has?. Alan Wake which is a new unproven IP and another Halo game against the biggest PS title that is even bigger than Halo?.

2010 is the year the PS3 will leave the x360 in the dust.

UnwanteDreamz3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

I see you spinning out of control buddy.....take a deep breath and tell me why you are so concerned, and do it without pointing fingers at all the big bad PS3 fans.

You took exception to their definition of exclusive and now it looks like you can't argue that so.....what now?

"I don't consider FF 14 a Ps3 exclusive either" - crck

READ the above comment and learn because it is full of logic, something you are lacking in this arguement.

frostypants3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

@1.9:"MLB '09 isn't a exclusive in my book."

Then your book is wrong, because it IS. What the hell? You can't dispute it.

"The sky is green in my book."
"Sarah Palin is the President in my book."
"The Cutler-Orton trade was a great move by the Bears in my book."

11 360s and counting3129d ago

Microsh!t will release gays on ice next year. OH JOY!!!!!!!!!

Nathaniel_Drake3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

@1.1 I totally disagree, then what's the point of getting a 360?

Not to mention the fact that those non-exclusive games can be played without having to pay extra for online play

If you have a good PC and PS3, you really aren't missing much in terms of games

madpuppy3129d ago

For all intents and purposes I could build myself a computer that can replace the 360, it would play all the games and on top of that online gaming and demo downloads and all the other things that MS touts could be done with it without having MS as a gatekeeper with it's XBL fee. and it would use the 360 wireless controllers.

Essentially making a better 360 than a 360.

There is no such thing as an Xbox exclusive.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3128d ago

Can we please stop approving articles from blogs of people no one has heard of. Fair enough if its an entry from Robert Bowling about something interesting in MW2. But I really do not care if some randomer doesnt think Xbox has good games this year.

Anon19743128d ago

Are Alan Wake, Fable 3 and Halo Reach all confirmed for 2010? If so, when? I might have to dust off my 360!

edgeofblade3128d ago

Honestly, I'm ready to admit that 360's lineup was less than stellar this year. But I didn't feel the hurt that everyone expected me to feel. I mean, the games I own have such staying power that it didn't bother me that much. I got my Halo: Generic RTS and my Halo: Generic Semi-Tactical Shooter, Gamefly is getting me Forza 3 today, and COD:MW2 is showing up soon. I'm not going to be mopey about it if I'm happy with the games I have to play.

At the same time, Sony is coming out with some good content, though I'm still beholden to Gamefly to get that to me. I've had UC2 at the top of my list since launch...

Electricear3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

You're argument is flawed. In order to play those console games on a PC you need an emulator. Emulation is an attempt to mimic an entire lower end system (processors and all) on another more powerful system. Wine Is Not an Emulator aka W.I.N.E. is a Linux native open source version of the windows api. The programs are literally running under Linux as native applications. WINE on some systems preforms as well if not some times better than they do on an equivalent windows environment. Thus if a game runs under WINE (World of Warcraft for example) it isn't being emulated, it is running NATIVELY under Linux.

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Lets-Game3129d ago

no it doesnt lol. bunch of 3rd party games and a halo game will only excite a fanboy or someone who doesnt own an average pc or ps3.

Sackdude3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

PS3's 2010 lineup is waaaaaaaaaay better.

Heavey Rain
Resistance 3
Quantum Theory
Mod nation racer.

360 exclusive are only 2 the rest are multiplatform.

Alan wake
Halo again.

Squall50053129d ago

And don't forget The Last Gardian

NotSoSilentBob3129d ago

I'm glad someone else thought of ModNationRacers. I'm hyped for that game as I love mario kart games. But now we get to make our own track. How much you wanna bet you'll be able to unlock a sackboy outfit for your racer?

Nolando3129d ago

Fable 3? :)

and im guessing ur counting the PC as making other xbox titles not exclusive right? okdokie :)

I am Legend3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Yet my xbox is still being turned on and I'm still playing games.

3129d ago
theEnemy3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )



Mr Face Creamer3129d ago

Bot or droid, this site is seriously provoking alot of sh1t here at N4G.

BX813129d ago

Where have you been. A lot of articles to hit N4G are simple blogs. It's actually a pretty decent blog. It points out some pretty good games for both systems this coming year.

ChrisW3129d ago

We provoke because we are giving them a taste of their demise. When we are done with them, they'll have to find a new word for genocide to describe our atrocities!

Sony Brethren unite!