The most realistic firearm sim on the web, possibly

Flytrap writes: "The Gun Game is a place where all you barrel-stroking, camo-wearing mentalists can expend your murderous instincts harmlessly on floating targets and piles of bricks. Why not start the week with a bang?

There's a whole parcel of challenges, some demanding efficient play, others naked aggression. Position your gun of choice in the dark area on the right and click to fire.

The arsenal features riot shotguns, Magnums, M1A rifles and P90 SMGs and more. The game simulates stuff like recoil and bullet spread (pro exploit: bullets that bounce off the back wall can still do damage). Go wild."

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morganfell3311d ago

Realistic? I guess they mean in browser because "on the web" is more than a bit of a wild claim.

dirigiblebill3311d ago

Yeah, it means "in browsers". Anybody concerned enough about this that I need to alter it?

mauleriscool3311d ago

watch this game get on the console's arcade line up

pixelsword3311d ago

It's the only reason why I buy bother with GTA in the first place.