Windows 7 Fails On Two Live Japanese TV Shows

When you're advertising a new product on live TV, it sure must feel terrible when that product doesn't work. Windows 7 was recently being promoted on the Japanese morning TV show "Tokudane", only for the operating system's touch-screen capability to stop working mid-way through the presentation.

(The same thing then happened on Japan's Fuji TV show. Click on the "View Video" link to watch that video).

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ReviewsArePolitics3257d ago

I thought it failed everywhere


droid and bot3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

A SONY MONITOR .... oh the irony
once again sony makes MS looks bad

after looking at that vid. again
its funny that they actually make fun of it
lol i don't understand what they are saying
but its clear as the sun

Winter47th3257d ago

Just wait for Service Pack 9 or something.

Immigrant3257d ago

maybe the touch feature for the monitor wasnt enabled

cuz the software loaded fine
i dont see the fail there

maybe its their fault
the irony
most of u hating on windows are actually using windows now

if u hate windows so much, u should stick to linux or mac osx

edgeofblade3257d ago

Honestly... this is the TV station's fault. I have seen this feature demoed sucessfully. So, I wouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions that Microsoft is at fault.

Of course unless you have an irrational bone to pick with Microsoft... in which case, no amount of logic will keep you from blaming MS.

UNCyrus3257d ago

No, it's MS's fault.... They had a rep there in this video, and they called her over twice to fix the problem, since she was unable to... #Fail

Natsu X FairyTail3257d ago

Euh You Obviously see that Windows7 is Working FIne and that The Monitor they're using isn't working or isnt compatible with 7.

Every Demo's I've seen on the news Worked pretty Fine.

ThanatosDMC3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

Service Pack 2 will fix it... I dont like Macs mainly because the hardware is so overpriced.

IdleLeeSiuLung3257d ago

It looks like the monitor isn't responding at all from the very beginning. Maybe they forgot to plug in a cable....

KingME3257d ago

I noticed that when the tech came in and moved the mouse that the OS was working just fine. It appears to me that the "Sony" monitor was the problem in the first video not the OS.

Haha, perhaps they should allow someone with 1/2 point of technical knowledge demo it instead Mr 10 thumbs

Christopher3256d ago

Sounds like someone didn't set up the surface/touch screen features properly. Doubt this is an issue with Windows 7 as much as it is with someone setting it up properly.

Been running Win7 since last week, it hasn't cased me any issues, though it really hasn't done anything better than Vista other than copying Mac's taskbar concept.

BenCrazy4243256d ago

yea, this isn't microsoft's fault, this is the tv idiots fault for not testing it first and calibrating it. This is coming from a sony fanboy too.

darthv723256d ago

No different than if a cordless mouse stops working because the batteries died. The OS is still running and just waiting for input. The screens on the vid stopped working which could very well have been an issue with the hardware.

The real embarrassing thing would have been a BSOD but alas that hasn't happened...yet.

Dir_en_grey3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

This was a bug that the touch screen function will fail after the OS goes into sleep mode. An update that corrected this problem was not before this TV show has aired.

If like you guys said this problem only occurs to Sony monitors it's the OS's problem failing the Sony monitor's drivers after sleep mode, and if Microsoft did this on purpose as a practical joke then it came back and bit them on the ass I guess.

Here's a vid of a Windows 7 release event in Japan with the President of Microsoft Japan's failed demonstration of the touch screen. Wanna blame Sony for this too?

HolyOrangeCows3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

Ooooh, the irony.

Don't worry, the patch is already being made...(Windows 8)

sikbeta3256d ago

For all the delusional fanboys saying is Sony Fault (?)

Check this out

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mrv3213257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

EDIT: I am a vista user, and I am not too fond of MAC. I just think Vista was flawed, but Mac is by no means any better. I just think MACS are too expencive, overrated, and for show offs

Lets-Game3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

sorry but mac is for ignorant nerds who think being minority is cool.
I do pick windows over mac even if mac was free. I dont like microsoft but apple is just producing biggest fad this planet has seen since barbie dolls.

SnuggleBandit3257d ago

Why do people hate on stuff they don't even have? lol

Mr_Bun3257d ago

It is obvious that both 2 and 2.1 haven't spent more than 5 minutes on a Mac

hay3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

Really? I thought MACs have some solid, professional software here and there declassing Windows in some points. I worked on it at the university and it wasn't the only place with MACs I've seen.
Dunno about people using MACs, but elitism will always exist and sure, MACs are quite expensive.

mrv3213257d ago

I am sure Macs are for professionals, but no one here denies their cost. Usually twice as much for the same specs. Because of this people use them to show off as they do the i-phone.

Seeing as everything I just said can be found by not owning a mac, I doubt I am quite as wrong. They are good, but I don't think they are elite as people make out them to be. They do basically the same.

sack_boi3257d ago

Maybe you should try folowing you own advice (you know what I'm talking about :p).

raztad3257d ago

Come on. I'm a FULL LINUX user so I'm no biased. Vista is crap, only useful if you feel like playing games on your PC, on the other hand MAC OSX is a beautifully crafted OS. Rock Solid (it's built over an UNIX core) and very intuitive. Mac OSX is everything Vista/Windows 7 want to be.

rawd3257d ago

people hate on stuff they can't afford

Darkeyes3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

Why do you guys always ditch the Mac buyers as ignorant nerds? I use it at my school everyday and am happy with it and I ain't no nerd. I just like the design better and wanted a change from the usual Windows. I still use XP (now will upgrade to 7) for gaming and love it for that, but from a user stand point, I like the Mac OS stability and security better. Does that make me an Apple fanboy? NO, but it really helps me in better editing and stuff. Just stop the BS already.. Both OSes are great. I am pretty sure more people ditching the Mac here haven't even spent anytime with the OS. Trust me, from an user, it's much faster and looks great as well, plus hardly any hangs or viruses.

For reference, I haven't shut down my Mac for the past 2 months (always on Sleep mode) and it hasn't hung till now or has even showed the slightest sign of slowing down.. I simply CAN'T say that for Windows as it becomes an elephant after sometime (Not 7, but XP). Just cause you can't afford it doesn't make it crap and show off... I know a lot of professional people who do a lot of editing that prefer Macs since they are more robust... Just state valid points why Mac is crap and not just MAC SUCKS and go into a shell.

edgeofblade3257d ago

As to the question on why I hate on what I don't have?

Because it costs too damn much to have an opinion. There you go... an opinion completely qualified by the fact that I DON'T have a Mac.

mrv3213257d ago

I dislike MAC's because I can't afford one? Is that seriously your defence. Maybe I dislike MAC's because I don't see them as worth the money and just fine with my current machine.

I buy stuff I'll use, I use the internet and Messenger. I can do that on the PC.

Darkeyes3257d ago

@MRV... Here is a serious question, how much time have you spent on a Mac? Just sitting there for sometime looking at a few features and then saying it's not worth does not validate saying it's overrated. Besides, no one is jumping on you, it's the second comment that made a few of us go off.... Just cause I use a Mac makes me an ignorant nerd (a statement which contradicts itself cause nerds are at least intelligent)??? Ya it doesn't do gaming and are expensive, but what it does, it does it more better than anything I have seen (with all the multi touch and graphics thrown in) and I like it that way more, again does that make me a nerd?? I have the cash and I spent it and I like the product I bought. I still use Win as my desktop (mainly for gaming), but I prefer Mac as my laptop.

To anyone hating on Macs just spend time with it and then comment.

mrv3213257d ago

I go on Firefox and messenger, I play a couple PC games or demo's.... suggest me a mac... go on.

If oyu edit music or pictures maybe a mac is worth the investment. I use firefox and Messenger maybe play one or two games at most... are you seriously suggesting it's worth me buy a mac even though I can do all that on PC for less of a cost.

IdleLeeSiuLung3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

I like Mac OSX, mainly because it is based on BSD. I must say that the Mac experience is pretty darn good. However, I hate the maintenance fee they have. The fee I'm referring to is what Apple calls an upgrade and I call an update!

I was once forced to upgrade my Mac OSX so that I could run Adobe Creative Suite. Imagine, coming home to install Adobe CS only to find you HAVE to pay for Service Pack 1 for Vista!? You are essentially being held hostage....

SnuggleBandit3257d ago

@ sabk boi

thats why i put a "lol" at the end hahaha i knew someone would say something!

"I am sure Macs are for professionals, but no one here denies their cost. Usually twice as much for the same specs"

Get real dude, yes they are overpriced, but not double the cost! I have a 2.53 gHz macbook pro with 4 gigs of ram and a 320 gig hard drive (unibody aluminum enclosure, backlit keyboard). I got it with a printer($150) and and ipod touch($230) for $1399. So the computer costed me about $1000. Pretty good f*ckin deal if you ask me!

Mogabu3257d ago

I used to make fun of Mac's also until I got an iPhone.. Then I gave a Mac a try and never will I go back to a PC again. I don't game on PC's anymore, that's a deadland now unless you play WoW (which a Mac plays beautifully). Everything I need to do for business and everyday life, I do on a Mac. It's solid, fast, and works much better than my Vista machine did. As far as expensive, it's vastly overblown how costly a Mac is compared to a PC when you tally up everything you're getting.

Stop with the juvenile hate of something you know very little about, kids. Give a Mac a try at your local Best Buy or whatnot and see what you're missing out on. And yes, MS tries to copy the at every turn. You'll NEVER hear Ballmer and Co say, "Buy a Mac and put Windows 7 on it." Why is that? Because once you try the Mac OS, you'd never give Windows another shot either.

beardpapa3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

As far as I know, I was telling my gf this because she was interested in a Mac, and pretty much her professional colleagues and friends in the entertainment industry and healthcare also use Macs.

I said to her, if she only uses Windows to do things like chat, games, and web surfing, then Windows is fine for those needs.

However, if she's ever interested in visual editing or organizing, she can always look towards a Mac for aperture or bento. I also told her that Macs were designed to make it less fussy for the user so that productivity increases.

I also told her the drawbacks to using a Mac system (e.g. how much I don't like the NeXT Finder and prefer Explorer). And also things like programs I loved on the Windows platform and how I had to be resourceful and find alternative apps on the Mac platform.

But the key point was that if she wants productivity increase and a worry-free environment, a Mac is good for her.

How did she react?

She was interested. We went to Fry's to check out the new iMacs. However, she said she only web surfs, IM, and webmail so her Asus laptop is still good enough for her.

The general conclusion is that people shouldn't hate on a Mac. There are elitists out there that use it just because it's the new fad. Then there are people out there that are genuinely using it for productivity purposes and because they prefer the apps on the platform.

If you've never used a Mac before and have been on PC all your life, you'll hate it at first. You have to find what you like about the Mac Operating System (not the hardware itself, but the OS) before you begin to love it.

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josh143993257d ago

why do people think people just get macs because they look good. i use my mac to make iphone apps, edit movies ive made and general usage. ive got a pc with windows 7 on it and it is good aswell especially for gaming but for everything else my mac just works so much better. if you dont like macs make a valid point that they are crap (price not included because doesn't actually make them crap it just means you cant afford one) because just saying that they are for ignorant nerds who think they are the minority isn't a valid point.

if you just use PCs for gaming and internet i understand that you prefer windows but you don't have to say mac is for people who think they are cool. i remember my mate said macs are crap so i asked him why and he stuttered and said well they are slow and don't work properly (anyone who has used a mac know he is talking bull). you mite not like mac but you don't need to criticise it for stupid reasons that aren't true. They mite be expensive but if you can't afford one don't get one and don't criticise unless you really really want one but cant afford it.

PlayStation X3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

lol the sony monitor just owned microsft xD

AssassinHD3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

I am not so sure about that. The software seemed to load just fine when the assistant used a mouse. The touch screen itself could have been defective or uncalibrated. It is also possible that the touch feature was disabled.

silverbeld3257d ago

^^^^ No

its the Windows 7 that is crap.

When the Google OS comes out. Windows crap CTRL+ALT+DELETE or BSOD WILL BE


Then finally we could move forward as humans in the new IT age.

Tr10wn3257d ago

1. this guy is a moron and don't know how to calibrate or use a touch screen monitor or 2. the monitor is just broken. Window 7 is the best OS Microsoft ever make perfect for gaming and user friendly easy to use to anyone and @1.2 after using Google Chrome for a while i just notice that Google suck at software programming, Google OS will be the next Mac OS/Linux.

silverbeld3256d ago


Are you try too say the Japanese is not clever as you are?

And did you try the Android already it's way faster and more user friendly then Windows mobile.

With Windows mobile i have too restart my mobile every f.cking day 2 times.

OK, I agree with you Google chrome s.cks but i use safari on my mac.

Eiffel3256d ago

Speaking for the whole Japanese nationality is like saying they are better because they are this.

You can be Japanese and still be a complete dumbass.

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Immigrant3257d ago

i think the touch feature wasnt configured properly