PlayTV : 1.21 update released

PLayTV just been update in 1.21 version. Most features are avalaible :

* Support for Dolby Digital + for HD channels
* The recording of HD channels is now possible
* Multi-channel audio replay.
* Improved Standard Definition
* Using remote play improved
* Support for reading distance mobile
* Support for the Australian Digital TV

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Christopher_Walken3340d ago

I wish this were here in the US.

ReviewsArePolitics3340d ago

This is a substitute for Europeans. If they sold it in the US, it would canibalize the sales of PSN and Netflix. The reason they sell this in Europe is probably because there are so many countries over there that it may make more sense to team up with someone and offer this.

I am just speculating, so I could be completely wrong.

Christopher_Walken3340d ago

Whatever it may be I still want it. :D

Perkel3340d ago

and they sell it only on few countries... you reason fail.

video store is coming to eu too

RussDeBuss3340d ago

port for HD is nice, only problem is no HD is being broadcast over terestrial tv yet, early 2010 the roll out starts but wont cover the whole country str8 away


PlayTV can do HD its just Sony are waiting for HD broadcasting to become the norm, istead of it being only for people with satellite dishes ( Sky + FreeSat). I heard 2010 is when the UK is thinking about using HD as standard and then 3D will become the new HD for Sky (Sky 3D). Furthermore the only reason it has not come to the US is because Sony are yet to strike a deal with US broadcasters, as soon as they have it will come.

kharma453340d ago

PlayTV in it's current iteration cannot do HD in the UK as it has DVB tuners in it, and Freeview HD in the UK will require DVB-T2.

For PlayTV to be HD Ready in the UK, new hardware is required.

facelike3340d ago

In the U.S., we're about to get Netflix. Maybe not the same but a decent substitute for Play TV.

Godmars2903340d ago

They don't sell it in the US because the non-centralized business structure of US cable companies makes it prohibitive.

Biphter3339d ago

I just wish Play TV would work with MPEG4 as thats what most of the rest or Europe use instead of MPEG2 in UK. Here in Denmark we are switching over to Digital next week (1st November) and this has already happened in Sweden. The UK is very much behind in terms of Digital progression, but has far more channels on Freeview. We can only see 3 channels through PlayTV in its current MPEG2 only state. Give it DVB-C and MPEG4 capability an I think ALOT more European countries could benefit from it.

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Sarcasm3340d ago

Yay updating now.

Oh wait, I live in the U.S.


OhNoez3340d ago

Its better to live in the US than in some forgotten EU country that doesnt mean sh!t to giant company as SONY. ALl the countries have damn different laws, regualtions, and all the copyright sh!t, it takes years to make some features availaible in for non-UK/GER/FRA gamers.
So yea consider yourself lucky.
Peace. PS3/360 FTW either way! lulz

NateDPG3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Updating now, too bad there is not much in HD over DVB-T.

VictorSullivan3340d ago

Except Sony's goddamn peripheral wasn't dropped a year later.

OhNoez3340d ago

Im so happy about this UK only stuff im not getting because i live in small ass country.

Shadow Flare3340d ago

Did you ever go to school? Wtf are you trying to say in your comment? If you were trying to knock the UK, just remember alot of brilliant playstation related stuff comes out of the UK. Such as littlebigplanet, wipeout, home, eyepet, singstar, heavenly sword, and elsewhere in europe come games like killzone. Europe is very important to sony. Especially since thats where most of their sales come from

Ju3340d ago

They seem to sell it in Germany/Austria AFAIS (anybody there tried that ?) and it should work wherever you can receive a DVB-T signal. So its not UK only.

novcze3340d ago

@ Shadow Flare

... no, he doesn`t trying to knock the UK. He was trying to be sarcastic in language he doesn`t know properly. He is just angry, because PlayTV is not available in his country. Although PlayTV should work anywhere with DVB-T signal.

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