Dad Kills Son Over Missing Video Game

Kotaku: Houstonian Ofelio Antonio Otero, 40, allegedly shot and killed his 17-year-old son yesterday morning after arguing with him about a missing video game.

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3134d ago
ape0073134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

in the blue fkin hell is that????

shot in the neck?? geeez that's horrible


UnSelf3134d ago

(Nathan Drake) "Here we go"

Now watch how many ppl misconstrue this article, cuz it seems like the author already did

ico923134d ago

thats really pathetic..nuff said

gamesR4fun3134d ago

while he was running away over a video game guys needs to b fastracked ta hell. god bless the death penalty.

MEsoJD3134d ago

another one of these rare cases involving video games???

Yea yea heard it before videogames encourage violence blah blah.

oh yeah I'm sorry for that kid. Not a good way to go out.

IdleLeeSiuLung3134d ago

I must sadly say I agree. Why waste society's resource on this guy, death penalty!

HolyOrangeCows3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

This guy doesn't deserve to have society pay for free meals and rent in a warm cell for the remainder of his life.

Freaking coward.

Darkstorn3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Again, video games did not cause this man to be violent, but violent people are attracted to violent video games.
It's a damn shame that a boy died over something as trivial as a game.

GamerSciz3134d ago

Here's the facts:

1. The article never states what the video game was so it could've been violent but it might not have been.

2. The guy has a criminal history with a DWI conviction already.

3. This wasn't a normal argument. It was 4:15am and this guy was clearly wasted off his ass and with a loaded gun nonetheless.

4. This is just plain sad and this guy deserves worse then the death penalty. He killed his 17 yr old son by shooting him in the neck. I get chills just thinking about it.

Serial_EDX3134d ago

4am arguments, ahhh brings back memories of my parents, Thank god I'm away from that place.

Highwayman3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Yes it is. I live in Pasadena, TX. Right next to where this happened. It's a ruff area. Many homicides occur in that area.
Off topic. In WW II a U.S. Paratrooper with the 101st had his throat slit during the the Battle of the Bulge, he actually survived the encounter. He was actually apart of Easy company.

Also, I believe that this man should be lined up and shot. Saves money. Has the same end result. People like him have NO place in our society

drdistracto7073133d ago

Honest to god, I DONT want them to execute this man!

I want him to live with the prospect that HE killed HIS OWN SON!

mastiffchild3133d ago

Yes, drdistracto. He was probably off his face at the time and though that is certainly NO kind of excuse for such callous, vile and violent behaviour it does mean that he will probably really regret his actions now he's sober. I think, if I was the guy who did this, that killing me would now be the easy way out rather than having to live in jail with what I've done. Also he's going to get a hard time from other inmates because he killed his kid-life in jail is a far better penalty to one that's over in a second and ends his suffering.

Don't understand all the love for the death penalty anyway. It doesn't work as a deterrant and it doesn't help us prevent further, similar crimes. Lock the gjuy up and study him and his life so we can understand him and hope to see the signs in others before this kind of thing happens. Hanging him(or the chair or injection)is a bit like throwing the baby out with the bathwayer to me as if we don't learn anything from this then no good can ever come of a bad situation.

The death penalty also makes us as guilty as any killer-taking life is wrong, no? If we support a society that kills what message does that REALLY send out apart from us approving of violence to sort out our problems? It's a bad example to set at the very best ,doesn't put killers off at all(very little does as most murders esp within a family are crimes of passion where there's no preplanning involve and occur on the spur of the moment-we need to identify the things that make people more likely to act like this and not just kill them when they do as within them are the clues we need)and there's always the fact that we don't, not anywhere, have a perfectly accurate legal system where the right guy is always convisted. You can't move the goalposts on which murderer gets the death penalty(as that's ridiculous and in some cases would show we felt a convistion was weaker or stronger than another)and every time we get ONE case wrong is one too many and makes us morally even worse than most killers as we're doing it in the coldest blood imaginable knowing for a fact that few convictions are ever 100% accurate(so giving a life means life sentence also allows for new evidence and releasing of innocent men).

So , no, he shouldn't be killed and certainly not if we ever want to stop things like this happening again in future. Does anyone seriously think a drunken man with temper issues would really consider ANY penalty before doing something in the heat of argument(think about how angry your own family can make you as a normal person and it becomes clear we need to carefully monitor just who's capable of things like this and we only get the signs from those who've done the crimes, sadly)? They don't see anything but the red mist at that point so any deterrent is redundant for these folk. If we can see the people at risk of this behaviour and remove them from family situations then we stop the killings-it's the only way.

And don't give me the old "eye for an eye" crap as the bible also preaches forgiveness(which ISN'T what I suggest either, mind, I just think we need to understand for the hope of avoiding future idiocy)and says that there's more joy in heaven over a sinner who repents than anything! You could support any positionfromscripture if you wshed-and in most religions too. We HAVE to act in a manner above the law of the jungle if we wish to be truly civilised and the key to that is knowledge of what sauses these things and how we can stop it happening ever again. Killing off those who must contain that key(and giving them the easy way out rather than allowing them the pain of living with the consequences of what they've done to boot)is a plain mistake if we look at this logically and is morally indefensible, imo, as a poor example of the "might is right" principle as well as running the risk of turning the state into murderers themselves which can't be the right thing, can it?

I'm no vleeding heart liberal either but just don't see any benefit whatsoever in a death penalty from any perspective at all. That kind of cold blooded vengeance totlly negates any position of learning and of saving the future from similar crimes. I realise the crime here is disgusting and it's batural to want some kind of payback in kind-but that's just the kind of feeling that prolly leads to these crimes in the first place! Violence just breeds violence. There's a LOT to be said for letting far fewer people have guns, though, as if you take the gun away from this situation you almost certinly avoid a needless death and the wrecking of a family.

Duns don't work as protection from criminals and never will so why on earth would people run the risk of having even locked ones in the home? Farmers wioth vermin? Yes. Normal households? No. Households where some people have anger problems? Hell no!Households where parents are too dim to lock their guns awat and even leave them loaded? Are you kidding me! No, far, far stricter gun control and penalties for illicit guns and carrying them in forvidden circumstances and maybe a free amnesty on people returning guns once the law chanes for a set time frame but , FF, stop so many tools from habing guns lying about the dan home-and that's not just the US but everywhere AND esp those places where gun ownership is rife and/or legal for too many people. Tighten it up or else this stuff will keep on happening whatever penalty we give the killers.

gamesR4fun3133d ago

Very eloquent mastiffchild Im not really pro death sentence either truth v told.

But this kinda stuff the senseless death of a mans son at his own hands. Well lets just say Im not altogether sad that they still have the death sentence in some states.

waltercross3133d ago

Two words "Holy [email protected]!" not because of what the father did
but because some of you are screaming "Death Penalty!" as
if It's a good thing, Oh we can't pay for his meals
etc etc etc, Society is really [email protected] up.

I Think the father is crazy and Wacko, but Killing him makes
it feel better?, oh It's Justifiable? Who ever thinks that
is no better then the father because killing someone
comes so easy.

Tapewurm3133d ago

you throw it away. Especially when it can't be fixed. Sometimes it's just easier to pull the plug on or put a plug in some worthless piece of trash that is wasting everyone elses oxygen. Yes that is a brutal view, but this guy killed his own son with a handgun...doesn't matter if it was a video game that they were arguing about and it doesn't matter that he was probably drunk. He would have done it to someone else eventually anyway over who knows what. Studies on violent criminals have been done for years and all of those studies didn't help prevent this bastard from doing what he did. I say the death penalty would be just the thing to get this guy en route to hell next day air. Yay Texas :)

Vlou3133d ago

take the booze out of the situation and this never happened.

ABizzel13133d ago

Sometimes it makes me wonder if people set these incidents up on purpose to give games a bad rep. I mean who is their right mind kills someone over a game. I can understand getting pissed, because someone broke or lost the disc. That's $60 gone down the drain, but how do you think about killing someone over it especially a friend or family member.

Just make them buy you another one or take them to court if it's that deep. Once again this is proof for my research paper that society is losing it's humanity.

jadenkorri3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

people with video games don't kill people, people with guns kill people.
A drunk father + a loaded gun = dead son, right on America, your constitutional right to bear arms triumphs once again.

@ Vlou
really, seriously, your blaming the booze, what about the gun.

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ZombieAutopsy3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Drunks usually tend to freak out over anything and this time it just happened to be a video game.

thorstein3134d ago

But they have to have someone to blame... not the drunk eff-bag that pulled a gun on his own son.

p0Wer3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Only happens in America, right?


WTF, who in their right mind would do this to their own child?

Chop off his balls and both thumbs, there'll be no more gaming for him without his thumbs.

Arnon3133d ago

I cant tell if that was a joke or not, but the U.S. is not even listed in the top 10 places of the world with the highest murder rate. In fact, I believe it's the 24th highest. So no, it doesn't only happen in America.

Vlou3133d ago

Your use of stats is misleading...
Look at gun crime and the US will be at the top of the list.
And if "ridiculous crimes" were accounted for, you can bet the US would be at the top of the list too with the gun laws the way they are.

Arnon3133d ago

Gun crime refers to more than just murder. Gun crimes refer to having a gun and using it in an incorrect way. I'm talking about the MURDER rate, which is what this would be filed under; a murder.

Since when was the word "crime" solely related to "homicide" and "murder rate"?

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LONEWOLF2313134d ago

And this is why drinking is not a good thing.
Poor Kid man.

Fishy Fingers3134d ago

I drink, doesn't make me want to shot anyone. No gun, no shooting.

duplissi3134d ago

yeah i drink, and i havent had the urge to shoot anyone so far.

Highwayman3134d ago

Yes, well you two are different obviously. I know that when I did drink I never had an urge to even touch one of my guns. I knew better.
It just shows that we're "normal".

waltercross3133d ago

I Drink to sometimes, we don't have any gun.
I'm not gonna go stab anyone either.

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shqype3134d ago

I wonder what game he shot his son over, lol.

gamesR4fun3134d ago

really laugh out loud funny eh

unknownhero11233134d ago

because this isn't a laughing matter

waltercross3133d ago

I Vote "Halo" but I Don't think it was

Dudes just Laughing to liven up the situation, stop
taking it so personal.

p0Wer3133d ago

Well it was in America, and America = Xbox, Xbox = Halo.

Probably Halo.

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