Amy On Uncharted Movie: Wipe your fears away, these guys get it

Hollywood has the habit of totally obliterating games don't they? From Hitman to Street Fighter, the final product is always underwhelming. So when news broke that Uncharted was going to Hollywood, fans of the franchise were nervous, and rightfully so. Columbia Pictures, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures is the company contracted with developing the film, and according to creative director of Naughty Dog Amy Hennig, there should be no worries, because "these guys really get it."

In a recent interview, Amy was asked about the movie and whether there was anything she could share, and boy did she share a lot of info.

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alphakennybody3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

How can you not get this onto a movie, I would've a payed too see someone playing it a local movie theater, the first beat any movie out there today the second just leave them in the dust.

WildArmed3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

rawr so now i gotta watch de same movie 2 times. 1 wid ps3 processin n other wid real actors! awesom

btw i think U3 is due out on ps3. ps4 is far away atm

UnSelf3251d ago

i hope you're in it Eddy

Do you kno who i really liked from the UC series that no one ever seems to mention?

Navarros boss (forgot his name). The writing and voice acting from that guy was amongst the best, only seconded by Drake and Sully

ReviewsArePolitics3251d ago

Also, I want an original storyline (like, Drake's childhood or a prequel to Drake's fortune), not a rehash of the same stories we've been playing.

Theonik3251d ago

His name is Gabriel Roman, and yes the voice actor for him was awesome.
But then again all the voice acing on Uc: Drakes fortune was good.

UnSelf3251d ago

Right right it was Roman. Now that you mention it, you're right the voice acting for everyone was superb.

However i think the script was for his character was nothin but remarkable.

I like him much better than Lazarevic eventhough Laz is the man lol

(in Russian accent) "Pray...that he isnt bluffing"

krisq3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Just use the cutscenes :D

sikbeta3251d ago

I really want to see the Movie as a link from the first to the second, like an Anime that follow the story in a Game or vice versa, but that could f*ck up the movie, I don't trust in Hollywood Directors and every time I read or hear about a game going to be a movie, I remember about that owe boll sucker

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LarVanian3251d ago

Heres a few things the Uncharted movie needs to have
1) Music from Greg Edmonson. Sorry but you just cannot make an Uncharted game or movie without this guy behind the soundtrack. His music is possibly the best I've heard in a video-game, and helped set the mood very well.

2) Different storyline from the games. I think it is best to come up with something different like Drake possibly searching for the Garden of Eden or the tomb of Genghis Khan.

3) Same pulp, adrenalin-fueled action from the games. The film needs to have at least one jeep chase.

4) Actors suitable for the roles (obviously)

5) At this point there has to be a super-natural twist. It is one of the unique things about the Uncharted games how the mood and atmosphere changes once the twist occurs.

Christopher_Walken3251d ago

I think Emily Rose could easily play her original part in the film.

Lionsguard3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Both Emily and Nolan could play their parts. Lazaravic's voice actor is pretty damn good too. Chloe's voice actor looks a little off though.

Wolfie3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Actually Claudia Black is more skilled actor than Nolan or Emily. I love her in "Pitch Black" <3

darlenme3251d ago

it's their reputation, Hollywood that is.

Shane Kim3251d ago

I'll pay everybody here on N4G 1 dollar each (even Mart and his xbutt buddies) if the movie is good.

Main_Street_Saint3251d ago

hehe.... easiest dollar I'll ever make! :)

OhNoez3251d ago

they will fukc it up, im sure

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