G4TV: Talking 'Bout My Generation: Checking In On The Three Consoles

G4TV writes: "A one-year head start, a still-unbelievable initial price tag, and the advent of the "waggle"...we're a few years into the current generation of gaming consoles, and it may just be the comforting blanket of nostalgia speaking, but didn't the video game industry used to be much simpler?

In fact, this article was originally conceptualized as a "mid-term" report card, but even the traditional five year cycle of game consoles is breaking down in front of us. Learning from the continued success of both the original PlayStation and the PlayStation 2 that overlapped into the subsequent machines, Sony has spoken of the PS3 as a system with a similar 10-year lifespan. The Xbox 360, with its one year head start, is the oldest of the three, but we still haven't seen the limit of its technical abilities. Not to mention that it looks like Project Natal (Microsoft's motion control solution) will extend the 360's life before it's time for new hardware. Nintendo's Wii, the undisputed leader, has disrupted the industry in such a significant manner that it's near-impossible to predict what will happen next, and when."

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