Bungie in a difficult position

The Halo Beta has taken Xbox Live by storm as we all knew it would. But Free Radical's Dave Doak believes there's now an enormous amount of pressure on Bungie to deliver the goods with Halo 3.

CVG recently caught up with Dave Doak during a Haze presentation at the Ubidays event in Paris. Doak was mainly there to show off his multiplatform FPS Haze but he gives a great interview and was only too happy to comment on the competition.

Doak's played the beta, and admits he's a bit rubbish at it, but sees it putting Bungie in a difficult position as far as the fans' expectations go. "From looking at forums and the feedback they're in a difficult position with the Beta. Well, they're in a great position because it's going to sell. But they're in a difficult position because they're now doing the third one. Some people liked the first one and some people liked the second one. Both sets of people now want the third one to be what they want."

When asked if he sees the Xbox 360 version of Haze getting lost into noise surrounding Halo 3, Doak replied, "Clearly on 360 you're going up against the juggernought that is Halo. It's wise to not be standing in the middle of the road when it comes towards you because there's nothing bigger on Xbox. In many ways Halo 3 has already won that battle before it's even really started."

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Dave Doak believes alot of things.

SuperSaiyan44197d ago

I didnt expect a developer of another game to say such good things like that. He is very right indeed.

I was reading and thought 'Ah any moment he is gonna knock the visuals and say HAZE is far better' etc but he didnt.

I have to give kudos to this guy, very well said.

But then I am sure since HAZE will be coming to the 360 eventually he does not want to upset the huge Xbox 360 fanbase with negative comments of Xboxs' top game HALO 3.

Skizelli4197d ago

If only more people had respect for one another. Then we wouldn't be having these petty fanboy wars.

CyberSentinel4197d ago

There's room in my wallet for both games. Just make Haze the best it can be, and I will pre-order it.

mboojigga4197d ago

It is simple really. This respective developer is fully aware that this is a Beta unlike a lot of new sites and everyday people who don't get that this is a Beta. Not suprising by his comments at all. What are you going to say to somthing about a Beta other then how it is shaping up. He is working on a FPS so he is obviously a fan of the genre.

Saint Sony4197d ago

He is totally right, Halo 3 has to offer the goodies people are waiting for. I am personally happy with the multiplayer and if campaign is any better, good. Halo3 is next gen game, but not quite there yet if we talk about gfx. Gameplay on the other hand (based on beta) is right there where next gen enjoyment should be. We will see if they can offer us more than "just" great game play. Gameplay is the most important thing to me, but I hope they have not forgot the next gen looks either.

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The story is too old to be commented.