Five Reasons We Don't Want New Consoles (Yet)

G4TV writes: "Technology is constantly evolving. Even though the people that we know personally disappoint us on an almost daily basis, humanity as a whole has an almost infinite capacity for innovation. We sent a man to the moon. The personal computer has become a staple in the modern home. We can give our Rock Band avatars man boobs. The sky's the limit.

But our patience, wallets and sanity have a limit too. Just because we can constantly develop new and so-called better technology doesn't mean we should. The current generation of HD consoles is just old enough to be ubiquitous and yet, much of their potential remains untapped and that's why we're humbly presenting Five Reasons We Don't Want New Consoles (Yet)."

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Sk8boyP3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

We don't needem! Well at least PS3 owners don't, the PS3 STILL hasn't been fully taken advantage of and with Blu-Ray AND Updating Firmware, the PS3 will be my primary source of gaming, movies, music etc... for YEARS to come. The ability to add features to the PS3 through a FW update really eliminates the need for a new console in the near future, but that's just everyday Sony ya know! Ahead of the pack.

WildArmed3309d ago

i think 360 n ps3 both have alot of life in them. Unless ps4/720 are mind reading video games they can wait