Working by Torchlight - Gamasutra Interview


Runic Games was formed out of the ashes of Flagship Seattle, developers of Mythos, an RPG that began its life as a network test for the dismally unsuccessful Hellgate: London, but nonetheless became an awaited PC online game in the Diablo-style action RPG game genre.

Here, Runic's president and project director Travis Baldree and CEO Max Schaefer discuss how the creative lineage of the developers on the project -- including key contributors to the Diablo series -- has helped to feed in to the new project, which Gamasutra featured recently in a special art-related 'making of' article.

The duo also discuss launching Torchlight -- which is beginning as a single-player downloadable title, and will later expand into an MMO version through a Perfect World publishing deal -- into 2009's PC market, community empowerment, and essential design concepts for the action-RPG genre.

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