Big Download Preview - All You Need To Know: Left 4 Dead 2

Big Download:

Left 4 Dead is a game that almost needs no introduction, as it has been a relatively popular co-op staple for the past year or so. In a rather controversial move, Valve decided to create a sequel, Left 4 Dead 2, within that short timeframe. Now some fans are upset (and understandably so), some fans are excited (also understandable), and everybody's wondering just what Left 4 Dead 2 will bring to the table that will improve upon the original's formula so much that it required a second game. While it is certainly getting a lot of hype, so did Left 4 Dead, and we all saw how the hype balloon deflated when faced with cold, hard reality. Maybe it's time that Left 4 Dead 2 got that same dose a little earlier than its predecessor.

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