Top 8 Sports Titles of All Time

PS University writes "Recycled. Facelift. Roster Update. These three phrases are often utilized to describe any sports title that releases on a yearly basis. Whether it's developed by EA Sports, 2K Sports or even Sony themselves, there are always a strong amount of gamers marking the release of a sports title as a stupid purchase. "You're paying $60 for new rosters?" "Why would I want to pay for the same game twice?" "These franchises are being milked." It's ridiculous really. It's quite obvious that most gamers don't understand the type of development time that is put into these yearly games in order to just make those minor tweaks. It may be small and less visible on the cosmetic side of things from year-to-year, but the underlying changes that can't be seen are indistinguishable and allow for these sports games to ultimately play differently from release to release."

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donscrillinger3313d ago

this list is way game should have been espn nfl 2k5