No Dpad - Keep Defenders Review: A Game Worth Keeping?

No Dpad:

Lately it seems the iPhone has become the platform for tower defense. This genre has become so popular that hardly a week goes by when a new tower defense game of some kind doesn't hit the app store. Like the content of the games themselves, the genre seems to be relentless in its attack on the device. Why should this week be any different?

If you haven't had the pleasure of playing one of these types of game, here's a brief description: players spend currency in order to defend their base from an onslaught of incoming bad guys. Although these games range in setting and motif, the basics stay pretty much the same.

Keep Defenders, an Itty-Bitty Games title, recently entered into the foray by combining the popular tower defense game with bits of real-time strategy. Their spin turns out a decent product that seems to aspire to more than what it ultimately achieves.

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