SGN's CEO Talks About F.A.S.T. Going Free And The Realities Of A Changing App Store

Tech Crunch:

Last week Apple surprised the iPhone's developer community with the annoucement that it was finally allowing free apps to offer in-app purchases. The move will likely lead to a fundamental shift in the way developers conduct businesss on the App Store (we've already begun to see some changes). I sat down with SGN CEO Shervin Pishevar to talk about the annoucement's effect on SGN's upcoming games, as well as its impact on the market in general.

Pishevar says that he was estactic when he heard the news - he almost immediately recorded a video sharing his elation that he sent to all of SGN's 100+ employees worldwide. He explains that this is really the announcement that he's been waiting for, but that he had no expectation that Apple might do it so soon. Now the company is working at a brisk pace to take advantage of the change: it will soon be releasing a new free version of its smash hit game F.A.S.T., which has done over $1.8 million in sales before Apple's cut. The new version of F.A.S.T. will feature an extensive array of virtual goods, which users will be able to purchase once they've downloaded the core game, which will be free. I also suspect that many (if not all) of SGN's games will be released for free from here on out.

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