Asustek expects to see revenues drop in May due to PS3

In an update a previous report, Asustek Computer's May revenues are expected to drop below NT$50 billion (US$1.50 billion) due to seasonality in motherboard market and a decrease in shipments of the PlayStation 3 (PS3), according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) report citing sources at Asustek.

Asustek believes May should show the lowest monthly revenues recorded in 2007. With Intel's new Centrino platform (Santa Rosa) notebooks set to start shipping in June, the company's shipments are expect to come back to standard levels next month, the paper noted.

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Xbot_Killer4194d ago

Good to see Sony not stuffing the channel unlike you know who.

CyberSentinel4194d ago

You backed a loser.

As for stuffing, when is Sony gonna stop stuffing retail channels with their PoS3? Face it Lemmings, there is no supply problem, there's a demand problem. Nobody wants a PoS3. Not even retail channels.

bootsielon4194d ago

Are you the Microsoft Lemming?


CrazzyMan4194d ago

next 10 years they are going to make BIG profit due PS3. =)

tk4194d ago

Could be indication that they are phasing out one motherboard for another...

They made sure they have stock of the one, and now they will start the next motherboard - most probably for the 65nm model. What do you think?