Why PS3 will be the preferred way to stream your Netflix Instant Queue

Move over Xbox 360. PS3 will be the all-encompassing movie machine next month and Gaming Target lays out the Top 5 reasons why.

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SwiderMan3339d ago

Sorry, but I'm tired of switching between 360 & PS3 for movies.

Jaces3339d ago

#1 and #3 I have to agree with the most, haha.

I used my 360 for netflix and that was the only thing I really used with my Gold membership. Now that it's coming for the PS3, I have no reason to stick with paying $50 a year.


Christopher_Walken3339d ago

I didn't mean that. I just meant that there are already articles that blank on blank is better than blank on blank. It just seems a little premature.

sonarus3339d ago

I don't understand the purpose of the blu ray disc? Is it necessary just seems annoying to have to put it in to watch a movie i'm gonna stream. Not like its a deal breaker since i have over 30 blu ray movies but just seems unnecessary in my opinion and will deter people from signing up immediately having to wait for that blu ray disc before watching a movie

Christopher_Walken3339d ago

We all know that it will be great but there really no use until comparing it till the product is out.

saint_john_paul_ii3338d ago

probably it has to do with the exclusivity that MS has with Netflix to keep the app natively on the 360?

still you're right, its really stupid.

vhero3338d ago

What justifiable reason has MS got for GOLD subscription now? Facebook & Twitter? They are available on PS3 in FULL versions but lets ignore that for a second and really wonder is it worth $50/£40 a year for facebook and twitter?

Xbox Avatars Shoe3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

The PS3 already has an internet browser with the latest Flash player, so if Netflix tweaked the site a little bit, PS3 users could arrange their Queue from the PS3's browser.

Netflix could make the tweaked site "" like some sites such as G4TV has done.

I can watch Netflix streaming on my Xbox 360, TiVoHD and now my PS3! Now I won't even have to change the channel! Laziness FTW!

Syronicus3338d ago

Then get PlayOn for your PC and stream your Netflix to your PS3 and leave that Xbox 3-fix-me to collect dust. I rarely turn on my 360 now that I have PlayOn and the movies streaming from my PC by Netflix are awesome.

If Sony releases a Netflix add-on for the PS3, it will decimate the 360 since it is the only leg they have left to stand on when it comes to the digital media market.

poopsack3338d ago

on the blog it said "initially", so im guessing it wont be like that forever.

SwiderMan3338d ago

Does PlayOn let you stream in HD, though?

Arnon3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

I agree with Sonarus. I don't see how people can say this is a blow to Xbox LIVE when it forces you to pop in a Blu Ray disc every time you want to use this application. That just seems like an inconvenience at times.

"Crap... where did I put that thing?"

If you honestly don't have to pop in the disc every time, then it's not that bad, but if you do, that would just bug the hell out of me. Also:

"5. PS3 is quieter. No need to wish you could call the usher to shush your jet engine-sounding Xbox 360."

This would be relevant, if the Xbox 360 forced you to use a disc for this application. It runs off the hard drive if I'm correct, and that thing makes absolutely no noise.

Ju3338d ago

The press release mentions this service is in fact a BD Live application. That means, its not PS3 native (per se), but a BD java application which requires the Blu Ray disk to run. The whole BD live must be somewhere in the firmware, but looks like it needs to be started through the BD disk (I could imagine, XMB could execute the BD player with BD live without a disk - but that would be a nice hack).
Anyhow, it needs a runtime environment, and the application is not PS3 native (but optimized for it ? see the controller handling, etc). Anyhow, this could be an advantage, because not only does it stream video, but BD live is fully available to the service.

StanLee3338d ago

That was the most ill written and ill conceived article I have ever read. Who the hell is approving these articles?! This site is becoming more ridiculous everyday. *sigh*

edgeofblade3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

They have ONE leg to stand on here... the $50 a year fee. The rest of the reasons are the same fanboy slobber we mop up on a daily basis at n4g.

What would be a great promo... they start sticking this application on normal Blu-ray movies.

edgeofblade3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

You clearly haven't seen the 1080p streaming, which much to my surprise delivers on the claims. I would hardly call Netflix the only leg they have to stand on. The Zune Marketplace is a quantum leap ahead of anything Sony does... and if they are just now getting to the Netflix party... it's a little late for that.

And yes, I have access to the preview and can make these claims.

sikbeta3338d ago

"What justifiable reason has MS got for GOLD subscription now? Facebook & Twitter?"

but..but.. you don't have XGc and Game invitez, that'z why xboxz livez is better and we pay $50 a year, we lovez you M$z

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indyman77773339d ago

What happened to netflix sucks blue ray rules? Now it is a celebrated thing by fanboys. None of the ps3 fans should say anything positive about a service that they personally put down! Else we will see through your year long hypocrisy! Next it will be, instant 1080p streaming on xboxlive is not that big a deal. Your steal behind. Good luck with watching movies without pauses in them on ps3 netflix.

BulletToothtony3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

that the ps3 got netflix as well..

Waaaaaaaahhhhh!!! bu bu bu but all is left is in game chat..

GamerPS3603339d ago

netflix doesn't suck but blu-ray does RULES. Nexflix supports Blu-Ray with $2 more.

Microsoft Xbox 3603339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Looks like someone is bitter. Hmm... Lets use the hypocrisy line now that our once exclusive feature is on the PS3.

beardpapa3339d ago

Spoken like a blind fanboy. It's not like PS3 users were putting down netflix. Their argument was why pay for something they have been doing for free or using an alternative method. Their other argument for digital distribution / streaming of movies is that 1080p on a blu-ray isn actual high-def 1080p image with all the bells and whistles of high-definition audio, subtitles, extra content, and extra languages - which is why technophiles would prefer renting a blu-ray off Netflix than streaming. Now that it's on the PS3, Netflix is just another option for high-def movie viewing.

Soldierone3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Fanboys will come up with anything to bash the other team. I bet two days ago you were bashing PS3 because it didnt have netflix and the fact that people didnt care was a problem. Now it has it and instead of jumping into a hole your bashing them for liking it? Its a feature, of course we like it, who wouldnt....

And by 1080P movies...are you counting the entire PSN Video store? Or you just completely ignoring the fact that Sony was already there ages ago? Let me guess the fact that Xbox can share videos with Zune is so amazing too not that PS3 can share with PSP or anything...

Seriously this whole fanboy war crap is getting old. Might as well hate PS3 fans because they love the heck out of Uncharted, since actually liking whats given to us instead of chanting to get an Xbox exclusive to our system is such a crime these days. Look at it this way, MS paid Netflix to get it exclusive, Sony fanboys bashed netflix and/or didnt care because Sony had a video store solution....yet Netflix STILL ended up on PS3 and Sony didnt pay a dime to get it. Where has this happened before...MS may have big wallets, but Sony has the brains.

Sarcasm3339d ago

I don't use it for my 360 nor will I use it for the PS3. However, for new potential buyers, the PS3 is really becoming the all encompassing entertainment hub Sony has been touting. This is just one more step closer. Even though it's a year after the 360, the PS3 has always had Blu-Ray and is still the most optimum choice for video and audio movie enthusiasts.

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Raoh3339d ago

I really hope the disc loading is only temporary, microsoft must have some type of patent on a code.

its still easier to load the disc than bring the 360 in from the other room. (ps3 and 360 in the house, i move both between rooms constantly)..

also been watching netflix on ps3 via playon for a long time now..

watching netflix now on my 360 actually.. I guess my 360 will get less play time with me after this until mass effect 2 comes out.

Raoh3338d ago

WHich makes sense for it to be to get around the microsoft deal. Microsoft recently since the summer stated that this holiday 2009 the 360 would be the only console to have netflix streaming.. greenberg, major nelson etc stated this..

so sony having it disc based is almost like a beta as well as not stomping on microsoft's streaming deal.

works for me. the other option would have been for the announcement to be made in 2010 and have no netflix access at all other than playon for the ps3.

BYE3339d ago

They claim that digital distribution is the future, yet they make you put a disc in ... every freaking time you wanna start the application? Come on, this makes no sense.

Why can't they make it like VidZone, that would be much cooler.

CaulkSlap3339d ago

It's obviously to get around a contract they have with microsoft. It would be easier for them and everyone for it to be a downloadable file.

roguewarrior3338d ago

until they upgrade the firmware. From Playstaion Blog, "Initially, watching movies instantly streamed from Netflix via the PS3 system will be enabled by a free, instant streaming Blu-ray disc that is being made available to all Netflix members. The free instant streaming disc leverages Blu-ray’s BD-Live™ technology to access the Internet and activate the Netflix user interface on the PS3 system, which must be online via Wi-Fi or Ethernet"..........if you've messed around with BD live you will know that you can stream, trailers, and extra features. clever move by sony using existing tech, to get streaming to us, before they have time to give us a software solution.

DaTruth3338d ago

I almost always put in a disk or a memory card every time I watch a movie on my PS3, so this really is a non-issue; Only difference is, I don't have to search through a bunch of disks, cases, or upload it to a memory card via PSP and then plug in PSP or take MC out and place in the PS3; It will always be the same disk!

MAGNUM-RAM3339d ago

Now inbetween our blurays we will stream from netflix instead of google on the browser.

Im already a Member of netflix & a AVID PS3 user.
Now PSN is even more SEAMLESS.