Top Ten Cheap N4G Tactics

Pixel Enemy has put together a comprehensive list of the Top 10 ways to get your content noticed on N4G. We'll even tell you how many degrees your story will get. Follow these guidelines to find N4G "Gold." Hit the jump for the Top 5.

Number 10:Submit Articles on a Sunday (0 degrees)
Number 9: Make 10 N4G Accounts (5 Degrees)
Number 8: Start a Fake Discussion (20 Degrees)
Number 7: Find Typos on Game Retail Sites (100 Degrees)
Number 6: Don't Put Data Numbers in the Headline/Preview (300 Degrees)
Number 5: Use Twitter Posts as News (400 Degrees)

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jack who3129d ago

Number 4
- Make a Top Ten List (500 Degrees)


Feral Gamer3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

This list is so true. It basically covers 80% of the crap on N4G. One thing not listed though is "Things We'd Like to See in _________" articles.

jayblings3129d ago

Damn it..that's a good one..I'm sure there are some other good ones should just make another top ten list lol

Madusha3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Lol this is the stupidest article I have come across in a long time, but some of it is's just something stupid to write.

EDIT: Nothing against the author or website, it's my's a funny article.

Sarcasm3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

"Top Ten Cheap N4G Tactics"

The Irony is hilarious. But then again, a lot of it is true.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

N4G users already no these so why make an article about them?

Ironically, this list performs the actions of numbers 4 and 3 of it's own list :/

# 4: "Make a Top Ten List" - That's what this article is!
# 3: "No Facts; Just Opinions" - Cheap is solely an opinion.

What irony ROFL!

TotalPS3Fanboy3129d ago

#0 - Hate on the PS3 and PS3 related.

Syronicus3129d ago

Well, at only 240°, this article seems to fail it's own writing...

SuperM3129d ago

Its kinda obvious that the author knows and does that on purpose.
After all this article is made as an advice article where he gives people advice how to get lots of hits, its not an article where he says everyone doing so are lame and stupid.

Arnon3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

No, that's how to get to 1 bubble and have threats and harassment spam sent to you through PMs.


Hate on the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and (sometimes) the PC.*


sikbeta3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

"Number 9: Make 10 N4G Accounts (5 Degrees)" -> ????

This site (mods or whatever) don't track IPs? you know If someone use 2 accounts in the same computer, or just don't want to track IPs

I used to read this site for "news" but I always found PS3 bashing articles, well at least now is not so frecuent XD

Kiroe3129d ago

One of the best and most honest reads on this site. Summed up the entire N4G Experience!

I also love the articles that have 1 or 2 comments and instantly go front page and have 100+ degrees. Can we say inside job?

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George Sears3129d ago

I'm not sure if this individual was being sarcastic or not but let me bite. I know that N4G has constantly been bombarded from other sites/forum outlets in a negative way because of the sometimes ill-informed, badly written articles but I come to think of why is it that people blame N4G?

Gaming journalism at whole is at the crapper. Sites like HHG and biased recognized/non recognized sites are the ones too blame. N4G is basically the center of the gaming media since it's basically the news feeder, Digg esque type of site that feeds out of what crappy sites bring towards the gaming media. Face it, gaming at whole has grown and now appeals to more masses than ever before. It sort of has materialized into this "It's cool not that nerdy" and has somewhat been accepted towards the general compendium.

The higher the monkey climbs, the easier it is to see his ass. The more the gaming industry grows, the easier it is too see its cracks. And now that the internet is a lot more popular than what it was last gen; and at the same time we have a site like this one that can grasp the general "journalistic" ones, we can have a better understanding of what gaming sites have to offer. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Would like to note though that I don't have nothing against this article but the fact that the author discusses about how (and sadly is true in some points) N4G operates just led me want to give my opinion on the subject about the media in general.

jayblings3129d ago

@George Sears

I am the author of the article, so I just want to say yes I was being sarcastic, however everything I said is true.

You make very good points about the industry as a whole and is why I decided to write this list. To me top ten lists are just a cop-out for lazy journalists. That being said you can't blame them for doing it because the audience as a whole is lazy as well. That's why the review score of a game is so important because people never read the whole review. A lot of the top ten list and reviews are very well written but people don't take time to read them, that is why the list and score exist in the first place.

DavePSU3129d ago


I write Top 8 lists for my site all of the time. It's not because I'm lazy though, it's because I like to do it and I like to promote actual discussion through disagreement and other's opinions. I think the list method is one of the best ways to create that type of discussion whether it happens in the comment section here or on the site.

However, I also don't score the reviews I write. I force users to read the content in order to find out if the game is good or not from my perspective. Does this mean I'll never be linked to via metacritic or gamerankings? Sure, but it isn't always about the link ins. I'd much rather have people read the content than not.

I think there can be a happy medium between the two, IMO.

kingme713129d ago

"The higher the monkey climbs, the easier it is to see his ass."

That's great. I never heard that expression. I'm going to have to incorporate that into my daily conversations.

jayblings3129d ago

@ Dave

You bring up a good point. I don't mean to say that everyone makes lists to be lazy but I have to assume that the majority are. Its a lot easier to put your thoughts down in a list form then it is to write a complete article including all of your points. Hey, sometimes Top 10 lists are fun but they are EVERYWHERE. There has to be a reason for that and to me its because its convenient and your main points don't get lost in the article. Like I said the readers are lazy, they don't want to hear your explanation of why you put your list in the order you did, they just want to talk about the order.

ape0073129d ago

that based on a great concept but there are a lot of Xtreme fanboys here ruin your enjoyiment,I know fanboys is the taste of n4g but not like that fierce,you know what im sayin

iceman063129d ago

I USED to think that SAME thing...and then I kind of put this place in perspective. If you think about going ANYWHERE in will find people that you don't like....people that you wouldn't associate with...or people that are just obnoxious...well NG4 is a microcosm of the real world. However, you will also find an aggregation of people who put video gaming amongst their hobbies at Ng4. So, for me at least, the fanboys are a small price to pay for the collection of dedicated gamers and the often interesting banter that occurs. Plus...even overzealous fanboys can have a good is usually just obscured by the size of their egos and blind dedication to what they hold "sacred" as their truth...whether that truth be game, system, company, developer, etc.

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