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alettyo3253d ago

megaton indeed

out of curiosity
what happens to Sony's own video store?
wouldn't that become obsolete?

Sanzee3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

What happens to all the PS3 supporters who dissed on Netflix just because it was on the Xbox 360? Surely they won't support it now.

Theoneneo813253d ago

no netflix only has about 12,000 movies and very limted hd movies but its still pretty good ive been using my xbox and its good they have all 5 seasons on the office wich i watch constantly lol

thedisagreefairy3253d ago

they are reborn into netlfix fans.

im a ps3 owner and im thrilled i can get this on my ps3 now.

Read my comment below to see why netflix on the ps3 will be great combined with the video store.

LordMarius3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Netflix here I come

droid and bot3253d ago

i got an xbox and i already dont use it
i just like to hold what i buy in my hands

shadow27973253d ago

"What happens to all the PS3 supporters who dissed on Netflix just because it was on the Xbox 360?"

Probably the same thing that happened to the people who ragged on the PS3 for being a movie machine when the original Netflix + Xbox news broke.

Aclay3253d ago

I guess Microsoft must have had a 1 year contract of exclusivity with Netflix.... the amount of things that were heavily touted to be "Xbox Exclusive" this gen. that eventually made their way to the PS3 is just crazy.

I'm calling it right now, next year I wouldn't be surprised if Facebook and Twitter comes to the PS3.

On Topic: I'll personally stick with Blu-ray, but it's good to see that PS3 owners will have even more options for entertainment in addition to the PSN Video store and BD's.

Dragun6193253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Netflix probably saw how much PS3 units sold in US last month along with how much it sold in three weeks world wide.

NPD September PS3 - 491,800 units sold
Worldwide - 1 Million units in three weeks

Netflix dude #1 " Holy Sheit, Look how units they sold!"

Netflix dude #2 "Quick, End our contract with Microsoft, lets get a jump on these new PS3s!!"

Sony's Dark Vader " Muhahaha, its all coming together"

End Dramatic reenactment

In the end, Netflix just is another welcome addition to what is already at a great value, the PS3.

PSN Video Store, Bluray, or Netflix . PS3 = choice.
Now PS3 is the most complete entertainment console out there in the market.
Well, for those that want to sign up for Netflix, here it is.

Razmossis3253d ago

This is U.S only, right?

Marceles3253d ago

Welp that's one thing XBL supporters can scratch off of their "con" list for why XBL is superior. Once cross game chat comes, I really want to hear why XBL it's better...and if the answer is "because more people use it" then they're trapped in a corner lol.

MasFlowKiller3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

and i just got a 360 so i can watch netflix, lol
i guess ill keep it for the exclusive DLC
wish they made more game for it.

this is a huge victory for sony, when they say "it only does everything"
they meant it only does EVERYTHING

Plays Blu Rays
Plays DVDs
Downloads Movies Via PSN - Watch Movies on Wifi spot with PSP
Steam Movies Via PSN

Stream Movies Via Netflix
& u dont need to play sony to access this service on PSN, i never understood why microsoft is making me pay 50 a year(i know is not just to access netflix) so i can pay netflix another 8 a month, they should make it so that even silver member can access netflix

ohh i almost forgot
it plays the highest rated exclusive of 2008 & 2009 and most likely 2010

i wonder if they will do some type of connectivity with the PSP?


This is NOT going to Kill The video store, in the Vidoe store i can see recent episodes from my favorite shows something netflix doesn't have but netflix has a huge back catalog, if i want to watch the last episode of family guy just stream it on PSN or watch the first episode of lost just ill go to netflix, this is a win win, and no sony fee for having my system online

Simon_Brezhnev3253d ago

good new for fellow ps3 owners i still rather download my movies and stream them myself since its free :)

saint_john_paul_ii3253d ago

Nothing, they have more choice. still blu-ray is the best way to watch a movie.

Highatus3253d ago

Yea i'm thinking so. I'm in Canada, Don't have it on my 360, nor do i have the Video Store on my PS3 unfortunately :(

Hutch23553253d ago

Almost every blu ray player that has been coming out lately already offers netflix. So meh.

slayorofgods3253d ago

They are no longer just a side attraction for the xbox 360 and now have multiple sources to really take advantage of online distribution.

Now that they got their wish, I hope they work on their product. I want to see more movies that I actually want to watch and regular updates to the movie selection before I buy into netflix for my PS3.

iamtehpwn3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

This is what made Xbox360 compete with Playstation 3 in terms of a movie machine. Ps3 now has the Playstation Movie Store, Netflix, DVD, AND bluray.

Playstation, once again, is the entertainment industry driver.

JonnyBigBoss3253d ago

"I'm calling it right now, next year I wouldn't be surprised if Facebook and Twitter comes to the PS3."

The PlayStation 3 has a web browser that runs both just like on a PC (the intended platform).

deadreckoning6663253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Good for PS3 owners. I was planning on buying a 360 this year for the supposedly superior online, but I dont see a point now. Also with the possibility of Valve jumping on PS3, I no longer see a reason to get a 360 anymore.

SnuggleBandit3253d ago

another one bites the dust...

jmare3253d ago

No, the video store would not become obsolete. Unless I'm mistaken, you can't buy movies or shows from Netflix but you can through the video store. Granted, it would be just as easy to stream them from Netflix, but you wouldn't be able to keep it.

ThanatosDMC3253d ago

Yeah, im kinda curious about PS vid store? Just another option or what?

dragunrising3253d ago

It was only a matter of time. I will use Netflix with the console that has the best interface.

Reserve your Netflix disc before everyone else does.

slayorofgods3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

netflix online does not offer new releases and still has a limited selection. The vid store currently has a much better selection of movies as far as being popular. Netflix online generally offers movies that are somewhat out of the public's eye.

Still Netflix streaming movies has potential of growing.

sunnygrg3253d ago

Ok, I am now cancelling my "Renews every year" LIVE membership. The facebook and twitter features dont appeal to me at all.

nbsmatambo3253d ago

the X360 just lost one of its "selling points"

spandexxking3253d ago

not really a megaton. just a nice addition

Soldierone3253d ago

We already have facebook and twitter. Unlike Xbox we have a web broswer lol. And now they intrigrate them into exclusive games haha

Time_Is_On_My_Side3253d ago

lol, Microsoft has its own service and added netflix, so what do you think will happen to Sony's?

3253d ago
Sarcasm3253d ago

Only on Xbox360, at least until the contract ends.

vhero3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Not only does another 360 exclusive feature bite the dust as usual its BETTER on PS3. Why you ask? Its free to access (obviously you need a subscription) e.g. you don't need no silly Gold Subscription to access it :). MS are gonna find it harder and harder to make that gold fee justifiable.

GUNS N SWORDS3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

i don't think many users would bother much with it.

blu-ray is foremost your best option if you're a ps3 owner.

a lot of people believe this was a blow to 360 owners. the answer to that is no it wasn't, Netflix on 360 was made as compensation for not having a built in drive that could stream HD media.

and also, Netflix of cores was originally a PC concept for ordering movies, this wasn't an idea pioneered by Microsoft. no stolen exclusive movies or anything like that happened, what happened is that now you can see movies on ps3 more than one way.

ReservoirDog3163253d ago

Well, I'm a movie lover. So for about $10 a month, this is a a really good deal.

One more Netflix member.

Syronicus3253d ago

Please, grow up and stop the fanboy banter. You know what happens with this type of situation. Xbox fans have been doing the same hypocritical stuff for the last three to four years. You hate on a game because it is PS3 exclusive then when they announce it for the 360 you run out in groves to go fetch it. See, it's just that simple.

callahan093253d ago

"at no extra charge"

Well look at that.

gaffyh3253d ago

@1.2 - This is more of a "haha we were right situation," rather than a "Netflix is amazing situation." All PS3 fans knew that Netflix would come to PS3 eventually, but xbox fans said it never would. I still don't give a crap about the service because it's US only, but it's nice for people to have a choice.

boodybandit3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

and I doubt I will on the PS3 but it's nice to see Sony offer this option as well. I have been completely sold on Blu since the release of The Dark Knight. I agree with those that say I prefer to own what I purchase.

Just picked up Transformers: ROTF on Blu yesterday.
Megan in 1080p = yummy

zeeshan3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

The last nail in Xbox360 coffin would probably be ME2 and Splinter Cell making their way to PS3 and if SONY does indeed introduce the cross-game voice chat. GREAT JOB SONY! Your console really only does everything.

MNicholas3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

but the image and sound quality are terrible.

Still, if the ISP monopolies can be broken we might see an improvement.

If the Obama administration has it's way Comcast and other cable monopolies will be forced to open up their bandwidth to competing content providers like Netflix.

Even onlive and the dozens of similar on-demand gaming companies might stand a chance.

Xgamerzus3253d ago

Great news,But not great for Movie rental Jobs!
Im not going into this any further as hundreds of stores close down in the brick and mortar rental busineses(blockbuster, Hollywood Video).
Shame Shame shame.

Sitdown3253d ago

"i just like to hold what i buy in my hands"

There is a joke in there some where. Anyhoo, if Blockbuster keeps changing their program for the worst...I might eventually have to jump on the Netflix bandwagon and get my stream on.

likedamaster3253d ago

So now we can have it on both 360 and PS3. Good stuff.

f7897903253d ago

Now if I could actually get a job to even buy a game I'll be good.

darthv723253d ago

It makes you wonder if this will now be supported on the ps3. Considering that netflix uses silverlight for streaming on the pc and 360. I am not sure what they use for streaming to a regular player (roku, samsung bdp1590, etc).

Nice. I may actually cancel my gold live over this.

UnwanteDreamz3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

streaming to my laptop but I guess that it's one less thing LIVE has over PSN. Wonder if all those kids screaming how big a deal it is still feel that way now that it will be on PSN.

BTW netflicks streaming is okay but nothing to write home about. Give me my BR over it anyday but it is great for catching up on TV series you might have missed. I watched the first 4 seasons of Weeds that way.

Kholinar3253d ago

so what's your real problem with it since there's nothing to "buy" with netflix?

pangitkqb3253d ago

Funny thing is, my PS3 is hooked to the same 42 inch, 1080p flat panel as my Netflix equipped 360. Basically, this doesn't change much of anything for me, but it does mean I don't need to switch which system is turned on to watch streaming movies!!! I'm all about convenience.

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Theoneneo813253d ago

This Confirms PS3 is the ultamite media machine

OmarJA3253d ago

Thanks for the beta testing PenisWagon & MGR.

infekt3253d ago

Suckers! lmao.. Sony is just destroying everything in its path.

FiftyFourPointTwo3253d ago

It Only Destroys The Failbox™

patterson3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the XBOX community for beta testing Netflix for it's PS3 launch; ensuring the superior experience amongst all platforms.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3253d ago

...wants a piece of the PS3 Pie now!!! ;-P

rawd3253d ago

Mass Effect is next. I can smell the bot fear

Chubear3253d ago

Betabox-please-fix-me: Gimp in, Pay beyond.

AssassinHD3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

This is a nice little addition considering that there is no extra charge. As an added little bonus you can be sure that there won't be any Columbia Pictures licensing issues this time around.

Some people might even say that the PS3 is getting the definitive Netflix console streaming service.

Biggunz3253d ago

With the power of the Cell, Netflix will stream in 3D on the PS3.

Stinger_2093253d ago

the bots have offically shot themselves in the foot

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bigrudowsky3253d ago

I dont see how this can benefit sony and the psn store.

thedisagreefairy3253d ago

netflix instant streaming doesnt show new movies like the psn store does.

the newest moviers that come out on netflix streaming is whats on the Starz channel...and those would of been out for at least 6 months.

Psn store has the new movies while netflix has the rest.

This is a HUGE WIN for me because i hate watching the movies off of my monitor, and now i can watch them on my big screen where my ps3 is hooked up.

Mo0eY3253d ago

I am pretty sure that Netflix is affiliated with Sony Pictures in some way. There's gotta be a win-win for both companies here.

crck3253d ago

Yeah I don't see how Sony benefits from this. I mean MS benefits cuz they require people to have gold to get the netflix streaming. The only thing I can think of is if Sony charges Netflix a continuing fee.

Awookie3253d ago

PSN is Sony's service of course they are getting compensated in some way for netflix using it

cheapndirty3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

But, I thought Netflix was nothing special. I mean, when it was only on the 360 it was downplayed and NOW it is awesome? What is the matter with some of you?

On topic, I am glad that it is now a one step process that can be accessed through the XMB, unlike that other mulit step way where you had to buy a third party license to make it work. That was meh.

I bet some of the Sony studios movies that dont stick around long on the 360 Netlfix will be available on Sony's Netflix.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3253d ago

I would say more PS3's being sold, because now the features on XBOX 360 is practically free on the PS3 making it the better choice for movies our of the two.

f7897903253d ago

I've only rented 3 movies so far. I usually just run down to the grocery store and use their red box machine which rents movies for $1 a day.