Radeon HD 5870 QuadFire User Video

Totally overclocked and pimped up with no less than four Radeon HD 5870 1024MB card. This weekend Bodar made a nice little video about his new setup and takes you through a good number of benchmarks and user experiences

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Nihilism3335d ago

i'd seen the forum with all that stuff a few days ago, it's great and all I( i'm mostly impressed with his cpu overclock and multiple monitor setup) but 4 cards, and even 3 scales unbelievably bad, new ati driver may fix it but as it stands 3 5870's are almost identical in performance to 2, and 4 cards saw a decrease in some things, cpu bottleneck even @4.72ghz....hammer time!

mortalrage3334d ago

He wasn't using a single display. They are currently working on the drivers for Eyefinity to work with multiple gpu's.

Nihilism3333d ago

actually in all the benchmarks he was using 1 display

mortalrage3333d ago

Your right, for some reason the Unigine benchmark when using all three monitors was stuck in my mind. xD