NASA iPhone App Available For Free Download

YourEMGN Writes: "Nerds everywhere can now access the most realistic space software for free from NASA! This App will be the closet you will get to visiting space."

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Madusha3311d ago

Don't you just love free stuff? Too bad I don't have an iPhone :S

They sky view in Google Earth will be good enough for now XD

Battlefield3311d ago

"Nerds everywhere can now access the most realistic space software"


Jinxstar3311d ago

It's not bad. No real star maps or anything i could find but lots od nice pics and some vids... If you can understand half of what they say. Also a lot of info on the different missions they got goin on and such. Neat but I would have loved for them to add some astronomy stuff to it.

X_iGame_X3311d ago

Believe me, this app is crap! It's completely useless, only good for nerds as the description states.