Pokemon Park Wii Will be a Retail Game (Box Art Released)

YourEMGN Writes: "The above box art has solved all the confusion about Pokemon Park Wii: Pikachu's Great Adventure. Until this, no one was sure weather the game would be a WiiWare title or a retail game."

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Madusha3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

What's with the graphics? It's as if the developers couldn't be bothered with another Pokemon game.

DrRobotnik3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

I'm still waiting for a console version of poke'mon(with exploration not just battles). Taking everything the hand held versions have and putting it on a console. The only console poke'mon game I think there was ever was on the snes(import only).Those gamecube ones don't count.

X_iGame_X3252d ago

Yeah me too, a console version would be neat... not this stupidly budget Pokemon Park game.

Madusha3251d ago

Yeah, make the next pokemon game on wii!