Gamer 2.0 Review: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Gamer 2.0 writes: "2006's Marvel Ultimate Alliance gave players the chance to control their favorite superheroes and create their long awaited "dream team" of crime fighters. While the game was a smash hit, several technical issues and gameplay functions hindered it from being truly enjoyable after one playthrough. Set to change all that, Activision and developer Vicarious Visions have made Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 an even better experience, complete with better animations, a well-written story, and flashy fun powers that can be combined to add layers of replay value. There are some minor draws, but fans will truly appreciate how well the series has improved in three years."

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jav09183338d ago

Better than the first my ass....I have played this twice and I regret buying it... Haven't touched it in weeks...It's also too short my brother beat it in about 8 hours.