This is how Japan Paints its Forza Cars

Some have said that the makers of Forza Motorsport series ought to make a paint program for their next game.

After seeing these "itasha" Forza 3 images, I imagine the small community of Japanese Forza players agrees with the sentiment:

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Sonyslave33250d ago

Damn forza 3 is the best sim ever!

kissmeimgreek3250d ago

to avoid losing my bubbles, i will agree with you in the most subtle way possible and in a way that no fanboy can rip on me for.

Forza 3 is the best sim SO FAR

Tr10wn3250d ago

Dude you are a moron more than 70% of the users of N4G are PS3 fanboys and you agree with 360 one lol

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Gandalf3250d ago

"small community"

Damn right it's a small. While Gran Turismo 5 will sell millions.

kevinx10003250d ago

even though that's exactly the thing you droids don't care about!

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The story is too old to be commented.