Are Xbox 360 And PS3 Games Really Next-Gen?

According to the author of the article, they write that..."Many of us in the media have taken time out to label every single Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game as "next-gen". We say the graphics haven't been done before and that the gameplay is unmatched with anything else on the market. But are these games really....really the evolution and next-generation from past games?"

The article goes on to compare the jump from PSOne/Saturn to PS2/Xbox/Dreamcast and the jump to PS3/Xbox 360.

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power of Green 4226d ago

Yes they are they're built from the ground up on new hardwarw a newer generation of console from the last. lol

clownfacemcgee4226d ago

You assume that newer hardware and software made on that is "better." It's not necessarily. The gameplay in Gears for example isn't all that different from other third person shooters. It's just shinier.

Lair is one of the few games I can think of atm that looks like the gameplay will be "next-gen" of course like the BS Police below me said, it's really "current-gen", but is that going to sell any games? Anyways, Lair takes advantage in what looks like an intuitive way of the PS3's six-axis and uses progressive mesh, and has huge maps with a new type of gameplay. Lair looks truly "next-gen" (I puke whenever I say that).

The BS Police4226d ago

Next Gen doesn't start for another 5 years, lol.

We are talking about "This Gen" now.

Antan4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

Aside from graphics the simple answer is no. Are todays games possible with reduced visual flair on "last gen" machines? Even things such as physics were possible (to an extent) on older machines. One persons definition of "next gen" differs from the next.

Tell the good people on here Proudtobetom why this is lame? Why do you think its lame? Would you not like to share your thoughts with the group? (my god i sound like someone from alcoholics anonymous!).

cyguration4226d ago

I was wondering the same thing Antan...why ProudtobeTom thought the article was lame. I guess it wasn't flaming enough. <_<

TheMART4226d ago


I don't think it is lame to question next gen. But I think you're way off saying it's only graphics Antan.

Physics are possible indeed to an extent on last gen consoles. But, when I see upcoming games like Brothers in Arms, someone standing behind laundry being shot and the laundry acts like in real life... Nah haven't seen that in last gen.

Also co-op kind of playing like this gen, Gears of War or the upcoming 4 player co-op over live in Rainbow Six... Haven't seen it last gen. The way things can be shot, I mean Black was fun on the last gen consoles, but it's nothing compared to this gen shooters were anything can be blown apart.

Thus in my view, apart from the graphics, also the physics, destructing surroundings and the integration of online/co-op is very much 'nextgen' which is this gen actually ;-)

techie4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

You might have misunderstoof Antan there. I think what he's saying is...that although some of the features you mentioned are indeed new, they could be done on previous systems with just downgraded graphics (and physics) but the experience wouldn't be disimilar.

A real next-gen game. Well that has to be Bioshock, Heavenly Sword, Assassin's Creed, Lair...

ps. he didnt say criticisng next-gen is lame. He was asking the guy who reported it as lame, why it was a lame story.

ps. you say it's not lame to criticise next-gen, but go on to defend it. :/ It's all good though.

Antan4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

"I don't think it is lame to question next gen. But I think you're way off saying it's only graphics Antan".

Mart you misunderstood my comment. I didn`t say it was lame, I was asking the guy who had reported the article (Proudtobetom) why HE thought it was lame!!hehe. Asking HIM to post HIS thoughts instead of reporting as lame!

"But I think you're way off saying it's only graphics Antan."

I mentioned the gfx comment as this is the thing you notice straight away of course over last gen (in terms of console anyway). To an extent i agree with your comments upon further reflection, regarding co-op for example and online play (even though to an extent again it was still possible last gen, albeit in basic form again. Lets also not forget PC`s in all these equations).

"I mean Black was fun on the last gen consoles, but it's nothing compared to this gen shooters were anything can be blown apart".

Again what i was saying earlier, to an extent these things appeared last gen (Red Faction...albeit in limited form). Bear in mind also Half Life 2 of course which has been out for a number of years now which showcased such physics as you described. We all talk about next gen as being something related only to consoles, but you have to add PC to this scenario WITH games such as Half Life 2.

like i said earlier one persons definition of "next gen" differs from the next.

Hey i was a bit quick to post afterall! Im tied up a number of projects, long days, nights, lack of sleep..usual developer sh!t...

Sigh. I need a holiday.


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PS360WII4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

Naturally not all games are gonna push the 'next-gen' marker. Then games that do will be questioned. Graphics yes are the big factor in regards to next-gen it seems, but there are a lot of other features that you can't see. Improved AI for one, larger playing fields and such. I can see what the guy is saying. No one can argue the difference PS2, Xbox, and GC made from ps1 and n64. Yet from ps2, xbox, and gc to the ones out now we don't have that omg this is nuts! Maybe that's why this next-generation of consoles are selling as hot as one might of thought

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