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Submitted by cyguration 3184d ago | article

Are Xbox 360 And PS3 Games Really Next-Gen?

According to the author of the article, they write that..."Many of us in the media have taken time out to label every single Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game as "next-gen". We say the graphics haven't been done before and that the gameplay is unmatched with anything else on the market. But are these games really....really the evolution and next-generation from past games?"

The article goes on to compare the jump from PSOne/Saturn to PS2/Xbox/Dreamcast and the jump to PS3/Xbox 360. (Assassin's Creed, Chromehounds, Culture, Gears of War, God of War 2, Halo 3, Lair, Perfect Dark Zero, Project Gotham Racing 3, PS2, PS3, Shadowrun , Virtua Fighter 5, Wii, Xbox 360)

power of Green  +   3184d ago
Yes they are they're built from the ground up on new hardwarw a newer generation of console from the last. lol
cyguration  +   3184d ago
Is that good or bad?
clownfacemcgee  +   3184d ago
Not always better though
You assume that newer hardware and software made on that is "better." It's not necessarily. The gameplay in Gears for example isn't all that different from other third person shooters. It's just shinier.

Lair is one of the few games I can think of atm that looks like the gameplay will be "next-gen" of course like the BS Police below me said, it's really "current-gen", but is that going to sell any games? Anyways, Lair takes advantage in what looks like an intuitive way of the PS3's six-axis and uses progressive mesh, and has huge maps with a new type of gameplay. Lair looks truly "next-gen" (I puke whenever I say that).
The BS Police  +   3184d ago
Of course they are not Next Gen.
Next Gen doesn't start for another 5 years, lol.

We are talking about "This Gen" now.
Antan  +   3184d ago
Aside from graphics the simple answer is no. Are todays games possible with reduced visual flair on "last gen" machines? Even things such as physics were possible (to an extent) on older machines. One persons definition of "next gen" differs from the next.

Tell the good people on here Proudtobetom why this is lame? Why do you think its lame? Would you not like to share your thoughts with the group? (my god i sound like someone from alcoholics anonymous!).
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cyguration  +   3184d ago
I was wondering the same thing Antan...why ProudtobeTom thought the article was lame. I guess it wasn't flaming enough. <_<
TheMART  +   3184d ago

I don't think it is lame to question next gen. But I think you're way off saying it's only graphics Antan.

Physics are possible indeed to an extent on last gen consoles. But, when I see upcoming games like Brothers in Arms, someone standing behind laundry being shot and the laundry acts like in real life... Nah haven't seen that in last gen.

Also co-op kind of playing like this gen, Gears of War or the upcoming 4 player co-op over live in Rainbow Six... Haven't seen it last gen. The way things can be shot, I mean Black was fun on the last gen consoles, but it's nothing compared to this gen shooters were anything can be blown apart.

Thus in my view, apart from the graphics, also the physics, destructing surroundings and the integration of online/co-op is very much 'nextgen' which is this gen actually ;-)
techie  +   3184d ago
You might have misunderstoof Antan there. I think what he's saying is...that although some of the features you mentioned are indeed new, they could be done on previous systems with just downgraded graphics (and physics) but the experience wouldn't be disimilar.

A real next-gen game. Well that has to be Bioshock, Heavenly Sword, Assassin's Creed, Lair...

ps. he didnt say criticisng next-gen is lame. He was asking the guy who reported it as lame, why it was a lame story.

ps. you say it's not lame to criticise next-gen, but go on to defend it. :/ It's all good though.
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Antan  +   3184d ago
"I don't think it is lame to question next gen. But I think you're way off saying it's only graphics Antan".

Mart you misunderstood my comment. I didn`t say it was lame, I was asking the guy who had reported the article (Proudtobetom) why HE thought it was lame!!hehe. Asking HIM to post HIS thoughts instead of reporting as lame!

"But I think you're way off saying it's only graphics Antan."

I mentioned the gfx comment as this is the thing you notice straight away of course over last gen (in terms of console anyway). To an extent i agree with your comments upon further reflection, regarding co-op for example and online play (even though to an extent again it was still possible last gen, albeit in basic form again. Lets also not forget PC`s in all these equations).

"I mean Black was fun on the last gen consoles, but it's nothing compared to this gen shooters were anything can be blown apart".

Again what i was saying earlier, to an extent these things appeared last gen (Red Faction...albeit in limited form). Bear in mind also Half Life 2 of course which has been out for a number of years now which showcased such physics as you described. We all talk about next gen as being something related only to consoles, but you have to add PC to this scenario WITH games such as Half Life 2.

like i said earlier one persons definition of "next gen" differs from the next.

Hey i was a bit quick to post afterall! Im tied up a number of projects, long days, nights, lack of sleep..usual developer sh!t...

Sigh. I need a holiday.

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CyberSentinel  +   3184d ago
Compare GTA:SA To GTA4

Thats all the proof I need.
The Real Joker  +   3184d ago
You forgot to call someone a lemming.
PS360WII  +   3184d ago
Naturally not all games are gonna push the 'next-gen' marker. Then games that do will be questioned. Graphics yes are the big factor in regards to next-gen it seems, but there are a lot of other features that you can't see. Improved AI for one, larger playing fields and such. I can see what the guy is saying. No one can argue the difference PS2, Xbox, and GC made from ps1 and n64. Yet from ps2, xbox, and gc to the ones out now we don't have that omg this is nuts! Maybe that's why this next-generation of consoles are selling as hot as one might of thought
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Bill Gates  +   3184d ago
Graphics has nothing to do with "next gen". It's the gameplay/experience that I consider "next gen". Shadow of The Colossus, and Okami were "next gen" to me. Fatal Frame 2 was just super "next gen" to me. I couldn't sleep at night after playing that fuc*ing game, but I loved it.
masterg  +   3184d ago
Of course its next gen.
Awesome graphics, destroyable levels, shared user created levels, upgradeable games free via network.
I love this "next" gen. Was getting tired of the old one.
THE TERMINATOR  +   3184d ago
wait till the end of the year when the main PS3 games will come. At the moment they are not next gen because the games are just 360 ports and no 360 game looks next gen to me. Infact no 360 game will ever look next gen because of no bluray or hard drive and even hardware, have you seen Halo 3 LOL being compared to resistance which is a RELEASE GAME that is embarassing plain and simple. Killzone 2 should be compared to Halo 3 because both have had similar dev times and may be released alongside one another and we all know which will look better dont we?
GameOn  +   3184d ago
gears doesn't look next gen to you? no wonder u have 1 bubble, you talk a load of sh*t.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3184d ago
You must be dreaming. Geesh. Ok first off alot of companies are really lame considering what was happening with the 360. The 360 was out first and for a whole year they said 'just make it pretty, it'll sell' without any thought or substance behind it. When the PS3 released those same companies have started to really move to next gen everything. Engines and updates and etc etc etc... My point is that we kind of got screwed as 360 owners for a whole year til Gears Of War because all these companies were taking advantage of us by just filling the gap til the PS3 came by just updating graphics. It really is a load of crap because they knew that we had nothing to compare it to. But look now...look at games like Lair, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, COD4, DIRT, FORZA2 etc etc their REALLY showing something to us...Bioshock has it's water, Mass Effect just looks fantastic, DIRT looks stunning, Forza 2 is the deepest racer we will see for a while, Lair is ridiculously cool looking, Uncharted looks AMAZING. Anyways all this impressive stuff was put off because of the PS3, it really truly was I believe that. Think about it...if the 360 waited and it would have launched christmas 06 with all it's titles only prettier and deeper PLUS Gears Of War everyone would of been like 'Xbox/Ps2 who' It's inevitable, but wait in three years we're going to be saying wow this article is totally not correct anymore.
Lygre  +   3184d ago
&quot;Next Gen&quot; is just a term.
Some people don't get what gamers and people in the gaming industry mean by "next gen". It's just an expression we use when refering to the generation that comes after this one. 360, PS3 and Wii are "next gen consoles" because they are the new Xbox, PS and Nintendo.

Every game on every platform doens't need to have sick graphics or physics to make the console next gen. If we only could use the term Next Gen about those things, the Wii would be last gen...which it isn't because the GameCube is last gen.

The 360, PS3 and Wii are now "this gen". The next consoles will be "next gen" - no matter the graphics etc.

It doesn't have to be revolutionary.


Edit: And Conan, you must be blind if you think that only the PS3 will have games with good graphics. Just look at Gears. There's nothing on the PS3 with better graphics. And yes we can compare Resistance with Halo 3. You say that Resistance is a release game...that's true...and do you remember a release game on the Xbox called Halo? That was graphically better than anything on the PS2 when it came out. So there you go.
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PhinneousD  +   3184d ago
this is a lame article. the dude is obviously has his hopes to high on what 'next-gen' is. it's just a new generation of consoles... out with the old in with the new. that simple. he's expecting leaps and bounds, a console that gives you a hummer while you play. what do you want? virtual reality? not for another 15-20 years.
ai has definitely had a next gen upgrade. graphics, check. memory, check. online... ehhh... check on xbl. buying sh!t through your console, check. HD, check... a lot of improvements on what we were playing 2 years ago.
i have to say functionality is a key factor on defining the stupid phrase 'next-gen' it seems.
tplarkin7  +   3184d ago
I agree.
Some people have this vision in their mind that's supposed to rival Star Wars movies. Gaming journalists have been beating the "these aren't next-gen games" drum since Kameo (which was very next-gen). But it's perfectly ok for God of War to use QTEs (button presses in cutscenes) and fixed cameras. Also, according to many journalists, God of War looks like a 360 game. Journalists are clueless.
fenderputty  +   3184d ago
This article and question
is even more retarded then half the flame bait crap that goes on here. lol

"Are the gmaes really next gen" .... wow ..
eepiccolo  +   3184d ago
Use your brains
A lot of you are missing the major point that William Usher is making. It's not that the PS3 and 360 haven't improved over their predecessors, it's that they haven't made the leaps and bounds that previous generation changes made. Although I will say that there may be more potential than what he's thinking, but it certainly isn't being used right now.
The_Firestarter  +   3184d ago
I'd have to agree with this guy:
" All this next gen nonesense really agrivates me, reason? Because everyone assume next gen means better, COME ON! Goldeneye is still the best shoot-em-up, Super Mario 64 is still the best platform game, and so on. Gears of war was great not because of high end physics, graphics, or anything else, it was because it played fluidly and was fun to play.

If you want my honest, humble, oppinion Half life 2 is the only \'next gen\' game i have played since the year 2000.

If next gen is better, then Ocarinia of time, Super mario world, and many other old games are more next gen then any games on the PS3, Xbox 360, or PC. "
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   3184d ago
some are some aren`t.

Ratchet and Clank.
Mass Effect.
Heavenly Sword.
Gears Of War.
Elder Scrolls.
Assassins Creed.


Resistance (besides 40 online).
Halo 3.
Dark Sector.
Saints Row.

for the No`s
My reasoning for these is, all of them are basically the same as the ones before them w/ minor graphical advances (basic lighting and physics)

for the Yes`s
Every Game on that list when you see it you instantly want to play it.
Why? cause it looks different than what we were playing on our GC,PS2,Xbox, and that`s next gen.

and i agree w/ Bill gates.
Shadow of the colossus is more next gen than alot of games out right now and GOW2.

@firestarter (below)
i completly agree w/ every word you said.

@phinneous (below)
I guess so.
I know you guys LOVE halo3, you should.
but seriously do a side by side w/ crysis.
It`s not what it should be for being the AAA title it is.

i cant think of em all.
and as for your references.
all the games I mentioned are signifigantly better.
not minorly like i already said.
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The_Firestarter  +   3184d ago
I give one bubble for you!
I totally agree with you with that list. BUT, I know some fanboys are gonna flame you about Halo 3. "Halo 3 IS next-gen!" No, it's not. It's an improvement over Halo 2 graphically, but not interactivityly.

I can admit, I REALLY want to play DMC4, but I know it's not next-gen for the EXACT same reason as Halo 3 isn't really next-gen. I love the DMC series as you guys love the Halo series. I'm not trying to put down Halo 3, but I just honestly don't think it's really next-gen.

BTW, I actually like the new 3rd person view in Halo 3, it's a nice addition to the game. I still want to play the game anyways.
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PhinneousD  +   3184d ago
gurrrl, oh no you didn't!
if you put halo3 on the list of no's u need to put uncharted and clank on that list as well. uncharted is just lara croft with a prick and clank is just has suped up graphics. your logic is screwy.
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Xi  +   3184d ago
dude you list is messed up and totally ps3 biased. How can you say stuff like heavenly sword(god of war), uncharted(lara croft), gears of war(kill switch), elders scroll(ugh, elders scroll), mgs(mgs), ratchet and clank(r&c), mass effect(kotor). Not to mention, foklore is just another rpg, with pretty much no known content.

but you miss stuff like dead rising, for bringing in large crowds with good AI, which is leading the way for active crowds in games like assassins creed, and conviction. Eye toy games, for bringing new ways of delivering and manipulating data. Endwar for using voice command to control an rts game. Wii sports for showing innovation doesn't need to look nexgen. Halo3 for the ability to record, save, and send your files to friends, and bringing machinima to a new level. Shadowrun for pc console connectivity. Fable 2 for removing a visible hud and trying to change how an rpg is meant to be played, using emotion instead of text. LBP for creating a community and user created content on a console.
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The_Firestarter  +   3184d ago
Shadow of the Colossus is an EXTREMELY FUN game, I swear. I love the atmosphere of the game and the feel of finding these colossi, climing on top of them, and slaying them. It's bad-ass! I can't wait for the second game......sooner or later.
Dlacy13g  +   3184d ago
Good article...may not totally agree with it ...but good
I think the author raises some very good points. And its these kinds of questions being raised and voiced that will push publishers/developers into making innovations and more enhancements a common thing rather than an after thought in some cases.

Hopefully we won't see a repeat of the Madden 06's of the world again. Man talk about getting the shaft.... $60 for less of a game and a few more polygons. That to me was the ultimate showing of Next Gen not being Next Gen yet.
sajj316  +   3184d ago
My thoughts ...
If a game could not be done on the previous generation, it is next gen. That definition is also filled with wholes since anything that the Wii does right now could not be done on the previous generation. So, is the Wii next gen. Depends as next gen covers a wide spectrum of aspects to gaming in general. There is next gen hardware, software, peripherals, services, and now online components. So to breakdown the following systems ... I have this. I am comparing the following systems (as of today) to its previous gen brother.

Hardware - No
Software - No
Peripherals - Yes (Wii-mote)
Services - Yes
Online - No/Yes (quite an unknown at this point)

Hardware - Yes
Software - Yes
Peripherals - No (wireless functionality is not next gen)
Services - Yes
Online - Yes

Hardware - Yes
Software - Yes
Peripherals - No (exclusion of rumble is a downgrade even with motion sensors added)
Services - Yes
Online - Yes
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   3184d ago
I dont
I kinda agree the grapichs only got better its nothing eye popping that makes u wann go tell your friends. I rember when I got the ps2 the jump was just amzing but now i got the ps3 im like its cool but 600 bucks cool I dont think so.Same goes for he Xbox I mean truly gears was the only next gen game i played on that system far as graphics and gameplay wise. But hey its only the first year I didnt get my ps2 till year 2 so well see in 08
Takumi86  +   3184d ago
Ratchet and Clank this game right here is THE TRUE NEXT GEN why?
just watch SOny's Gamer's day you guyz see how big the world is on Rachet with the incrdible details,the amout you see in the screen enemy's , future cars flying around.

My next GEN game NAUGHTY DOG why? the GRAPHICS , THE ANIMATION , there's stil more to see WOW.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   3184d ago
Yes the 360 and &quot;I cant believe I'm about to say this&quot; PS3 games are next gen (accept gundam)
Anyone playing these games on a HDTV like me know that these gamers are next gen and getting better each new release.
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bootsielon  +   3184d ago
Yes they are
-Downloadable content

-Downloadable games

-High Definition games

-Photo-realistic effects

-Highly realistic physics

-Significantly smarter AI

-Highly dynamic and interactive environments.

-Tons of enemies on screen

-Greater online play

-Voice controlled games

-Realistic body animation, colission and emotions

-DVD Audio or 7.1 surround sound

-Games that surpass a DVD9 in amount of content

-Highly interactive games involving webcams

-User created content

-Friends lists

-New game genres (Little Big Planet, Singstar Online, Eyedentify, Eye of Judgment, Pain)

All of these definitely enhance the experience, and many of that enhances gameplay. There's probably a lot more we don't know of yet. Many of those things can't be done on the Wii. I would judge the Wii before judging 360 and PS3 on the "next-gen" department.

BTW, Jason, why is it that you can't believe it? I guess it's easier to admit that you're a fanboy rather than praise something you blindly hate.
ChickeyCantor  +   3184d ago
A game is what it is and developers are responsible for that. No matter how strong a Console is, "good" games aint made by the console it self, developers do that.

And i dont believe in "nextgen" Games are and always will be GAMES.

"for the Yes`s
Every Game on that list when you see it you instantly want to play it.
Why? cause it looks different than what we were playing on our GC,PS2,Xbox, and that`s next gen."

It looks different? but that doesnt mean it plays different :)
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Bloodmask  +   3184d ago
Next Gen
I don't think that many games out now are next gen at all. In MY opinion most are just the exact same games as last gen but with higher resolution textures. The real problem lies within the developers. There are two types of video games "twitch" or arcade style games, and games that have a story and truly make you interested in the main character. The only problem is that most american publishers only focus on the first. Nobody is more guilty of this than Microsoft and Epic. They have generic, lifeless characters, with no plot, or a cookie cutter one at best. The whole basis of their so called "next gen" gameplay is put the cursor over said enemy, pull trigger and watch said polygons disappear with better physics. Impressive, No. The online component is fantastic though and is also a lot of fun. Take that away however and what is really left. Don't get me wrong, I have Gears and it is fun, as well as Halo 2....but it is so true. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Sony's internal development studios, for making games that actually have an intriguing story and are interesting.{Examples}Shadow of the Collosus, ICO, God of War, White Knight Story. Other developers that are similar are Capcom-Resident Evil, Lost Planet.....Tecmo-Ninja Gaiden, Rygar......Konami-Metal Gear, Castlevania....Ubisoft-Assassi ns Creed, and the new Splinter Cell...they realized that nobody even knows who Sam Fisher is and wanted to have a real story in the new one. Online games will only take you so far.........and until Microsoft aquires the talent that other studios have to make a deep, involving story as well as arcade style gameplay they will never{never} be a break away market leader. Steroid pumped, mongoloid, geneticly enhanced super soldiers and driving will only get you so far......I'm looking at you Epic....and if the Unreal engine can be used for more than arcade style shooters, why don't you prove it and make a game that isn't one....It'll never happen.....and don't even bring up Peter Monyleux, Fable was average at best and he is a loon...............
troylazlow  +   3184d ago
this is dumb...
if it's a game for a next gen console then it is a next gen game, lets not be stupid about this just cause you have this picture in your head of the future of gaming dosn't mean it's what you'll get. I'm still waiting for my "back to the future" hover-board!
FeralPhoenix  +   3183d ago
So what's the standard for &quot;Next Gen&quot;?....Does it matter?..Just ask yourself is it a Great Game or Not?.....
Every single game developed for the 360 and PS3 ARE next gen games, definition. Now if you want to start saying you don't feel like its next gen because of reason A. or because of reason B. or because of reason C. and so on, well then you've just made it very very subjective. I would say that besides the fact that a game is made for next gen hardware, the only other criteria that a game needs to be considered "next gen" is offer something that can't be done on "last gen" hardware/tech. -Whether its graphics, AI, gameplay, or innovation, whatever it is if it can't be done without downgrading it for last gen hardware then its clearly next gen. We can debate whether its a good game or not (which is what this should be about) but if you go any further than that it becomes too subjective because anyone could pick just about any reason to say "ah ha this game isn't next gen".

Now the reason I say this is because its too easy to "knock" a next gen game.....its not like developers suddenly got their hands on some "Alien technology", they are simply working with "beefed up" spec's of the former consoles. I'm sorry I'm a Gamer, but I didn't expect that 360 or PS3 were going to be "4D" (pun intended) or the AI was going to "know what the hell I'm thinking" before I do -No, I just knew/hoped they would offer MORE than whats was possible on my xbox and PS2, and I have to add a correction to one of his statements about people not questioning what was so great about PS2 games over PS1, because in fact I remember reading similiar stuff from the media very early in PS2's life cycle questioning if the games were really "much better" than Dreamcast and even PS1. So "YES" the vast majority of the games now are "next gen", of course there are some that "barely" fit the category, but thats exactly why they are not widely considered great games, but hell that's not a new phenomenon only associated with "this gen", a bad game in any generation is a uhm..."bad game" and obviously a combination of "next gen" effects in ALL area's is what truly makes a kick@ss great next gen game. "Next gen" is simply that.....a progression to something "MORE", if you are looking for some kind of holographic figures, brain controlled characters, super intelligent AI then you will be dissapointed for a long time. -Wait until the PS10 or the Xbox 360-Vision.

[Edit] vvvvvv cyguration -You are correct, I'll try to be more clear, what I should have said is that:
"I remember reading similiar stuff from the media very early in PS2's life cycle questioning if the games were really much better than PS1 and also criticism of not outperforming what we had seen on Dreamcast already."
-Which is much like the criticism in this article, IMO always its easy to be a critic (media), -and yeah Gamers themselve's have a right to expect "greatness" for $60, but then again $60 does NOT entitle you to some "mythological legendary videogame"(especially every game) -OK, yes my description is over-dramatized, but the point is these guys(dev's) spend 1-3 yrs of their lives "creating" an experience, some will succeed at it, some will fail....I don't feel sorry for them (it's a great job, and when they get paid, I'm sure they laugh all the way to the bank) but at the same time....$60 will never garuantee you a "next gen" experience....especially if you're expecting the moon and the sun.
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cyguration  +   3183d ago
The PS2 was in competition with the Dreamcast -- they were part of the same generation of gaming.
level 360  +   3183d ago
Time will tell
The really really next-gen would look like those CGI movies - Spiderman's, XMen's etc...

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