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AATG writes:

"I can't really explain why I'm still quite hooked on Borderlands. The plot is forgettable, the side-quests generally uninspiring and the constant grind quickly gets old. But if you persevere past the first few slow hours you'll quickly start to appreciate the loot, the huge scale of things (once you unlock quick travel), the gargantuan boss battles and the co-op shenanigans. It's by no means a perfect game but if it does grab you by the balls, then be warned, for it has a vice-like grip. And to refer back to my opening gambit about expectations, once I'd got over the fact that Borderlands wasn't the next step up from Fallout 3 that I'd been hoping for, then and only then could I enjoy it for what it was: a riotous co-op experience with more loot than Captain Jack."

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DanSolo3338d ago

Yeah it's a good game, if they can address some of the issues like lack of story ect and beef it up a bit then Borderlands 2 could be pretty amazing.

Once you hit about level 15 the game does pick up alot and becomes very addictive. The general idea of crossing a FPS and loot collecting RPG is a good combination, hopefully it will be explored alot more in the future.

JL3338d ago

I've had a couple friends now tell me that the whole RPG/FPS hybrid thing was blown out of proportion. That, while the game does have a couple RPG elements, it's pretty much just a shooter. Said it was much more just a straight shooter than Fallout 3 ever was (now THAT was a game that I felt really combined FPS/RPG). That's what I was afraid of though: that Borderlands would end up being pretty much just a shooter with some leveling up aspects in and such to give the appearance of RPG. Knowing that now definitely knocks it down my list for games I want to pick up.