Blend Games Review: Half-Minute Hero

Blend Games writes: "Half-Minute Hero is a really fast and frenetic RPG. No, wait, let me start this all over again. Half-Minute Hero is a pretty good real-time strategy game, and, no, no, no. Damn, scratch that intro, too, let me try this just one more time. Half-Minute Hero is an awesome shooter, and aww shucks, the hell with this! Half-Minute Hero is a damn good game, period, and to stick it into any one category wouldn't do this magnificent title justice. How is this even possible, you ask? Surely, it must fit into SOME category, and it does, I guess, but one that I've never even SEEN before in all my years of gaming. And that's the RPG/RTS/Shooter/Escort Mission/Racing genre, combining four different types of games into one solid package, making it one of the best PSP games to-date."

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GWAVE3133d ago

I have this game on PSP and it's awesome. There's a ton of content and best of's just FUN to play. And it's pretty "pick up and play", yet it's still a hardcore RPG. Whaaat? "Pick up and play" AND a hardcore RPG? Yes, it's possible.