Is Modern Warfare 2 Out Already?

GOONL!NE writes: "We knew this would happen. It seems one lucky PS3 owner has somehow managed to get a copy of the game, and even unlock a trophy for it. The shaky video is after the jump, but be prepared to get jealous…."


This video isn't 'fake'; it's posted by KingCooler of someone on his friends list who has the game. Be him IW staff, pirate, the dude who made the 3rd person video or just some lucky Average Joe, the fact remains that he has the game. =D

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The_Count3133d ago


/Sarcasm over. Doubt he'll be able to play online and call of duty single player is hardly groundbreaking. Except for Price, who is awesome.

davekaos3133d ago

Lucky for me working at gamestation i can get the game 4 days early.
Gives me a chance to get my skills back after playing 2 much killzone and uncharted

randomwiz3133d ago

ARGH Lucky Bastard!

Although he won't be able to play online, he would have finished the campaign by the time the game comes out, and he would be ready to own from day one!

3133d ago
Killjoy30003133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I wish you guys would stop following suit with every forum crawler and deem MW2 one of the worst things to happen to the gaming industry. You guys hate on CoD so much and seem to forget just how many hours ALL OF YOU sunk into the original Modern Warfare.

It really is sad to me how people hate on success just for the sake of separating themselves from the popular opinion.

I know all of you are very upset about how Activision is treating us gamers, and my opinion is no different, but don't pretend like MW2 won't be at the very least a good game.

To think otherwise is just narrow minded and foolish. You may not like it, but millions of others do.

bruddahmanmatt3132d ago

Yah it's out. OUT OF THE CLOSET.

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DonCorneo3133d ago

mw2 (and all infinity ward games) has crappy single player. playing the SP is like a racing game. just run pass the next point and the enemies will magically disappear. LMAO!!1!

i would wait for the server to be up.. crap, there are no dedicated servers for this one. p2p FTW

Sunny_D3133d ago

Dude Spirited Away is one of my all time favorite anime movies. So beautiful and awesome avatar.

Snatcher3133d ago

I wouldn't say crappy single-player. The game has decent single-player.

Crappy single-player belongs to the Halo franchise. Especially Halo 3 and Halo 2.

kharma453133d ago

'all ghillied up' in CoD4 was one of the stand-out levels in any game of 2007.

DonCorneo3133d ago

right after sniping the main boss and rappelling down the building, that part took me several attempts to get through.. i was killing every enemy but they kept coming. after several re-tries, i found that all i ahd to do was to run like crazy to get pass that part.

MP was very good, though.

kharma453133d ago

Just sounds to me like you were going at it totally wrong.

The_Count3133d ago

Your video is terrible! Please go slower so I can count his [email protected] Seriously whats a vampire got to do these days.

Ah ah ah

Ace Killa 083132d ago

No Don you are smart enough not to play COD2 and also the original COD

IW hell even Teryarch develop the games to a point that the Gamer needs to move forward, if you were expecting a fix number of enemies to pop out then you really never played a COD game at all. the entire point of this is to get the player to crawl up and move to the next checkpoint to finish the game.

Try a level in Veteran and you will stay in the same spot for life until you move behind a building or somethin to initiate a checkpoint

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woolley3133d ago

People are gonna be spamming that guys inbox like crazy.

kharma453133d ago

Serves him right for getting MW2 so early =P

The_Count3133d ago

*Boots up ps3*

Ah Ah Ah!

villevalorox3133d ago

lol, not like its the 1st game to break street date.. Oh well.. I have mine pre-ordered :) I have demon's souls and Uncharted 2 to hold me over (btw demon's souls is one of the best games i have ever played, if you've not played it then you suck... no but for real do play it, worth the $65 and much more :)

xLordOblivionx3133d ago

I know, Demon's Souls is crazy. I haven't even played Uncharted 2 since I got it =P

Snatcher3133d ago

Is going to be good, but it is not going to be better than Uncharted 2, Batman: AA or Resistance Evil 5.

But it is going to be good.

Skizelli3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

How can you possibly know that? While UC2 and Batman: AA are amazing games, how can you count a game out before it's even released?

Snatcher3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Why must people be curious about every thing?

siyrobbo3133d ago

uncharted 2 maybe, personally i found batman to be over-rated. and resident evil 5 was average at best

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