Pachter: Wii HD Coming 'Fall 2010'

ConnectedConsoles: We've been waiting a long time to be able to play Nintendo Wii games in HD, next year is now the chance according to analyst Michael Pachter. In the latest Bonus Round show, he said that the 'Wii HD' will be coming to retail next year.

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reintype3252d ago

I still remember the one he made concerning the "NEW" PS3, the one that comes without Blu-ray. *shakes head*

Anyway being a videogame analysts seems to be a swell job, I bet you can make six figure salary easy. Can anyone tell me what are the requirements to be a videogame analysts? Do I need a Crystal Ball, a Mirror Mirror on the Wall or could you just pull it out of your a$$?

Smacktard3252d ago

Michael Pacther: Professional guesstimator.

I doubt we'll see the next Nintendo console til 2012. Maybe late 2011, but even that'd doubtful. End of 2010? Hah, no way.

Danja3252d ago

I dont see this happening either The Wii still has alot going for it and im sure Nintendo is quite happy with how fast the Wii install base continue to grow....

The Great Melon3252d ago

There's no way they would release it next fall. They only just released the motion plus, it would be ridiculous to make that and release the next console.

mikeslemonade3252d ago

As long as there is demand for the Wii 1 Nintendo is too greedy to make another system. Wii sales are declining at a faster rate than any other system so he could be right. Nintendo is too stupid to realize that there system is in decline and the hardcore gamer refuses to support them.

gaffyh3252d ago

They're still selling the console like crazy, it would be stupid to release a WiiHD any time soon. They would just cut into their own sales, they could easily ride on their current console for a couple more years.

Dark_Vendetta3252d ago

I think it depends what Sony and MS do, and what impact Natal and Wand (I think that was the name) have. If both companies can lower the price even more and the motion controllers seem appealing to the casual player, Nintendos sales will slowly go down (just my opinion), and they will be forced to release a remade Wii (something like a slim if its possible), or launch the next console

raztad3252d ago

I agree that Patcher is just a guesstimator. Anybody here could do his work. Recently Patcher said that Borderlands was sent to death, and what happened? game's selling pretty good, even with Modern Warfare 2 just around the corner.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3252d ago

"the hardcore gamer refuses to support them."

It's actually the other way around: They refuse to support the hardcore gamer.

Fierce Musashi3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Really? I guess that means that some other company supported the core/hardcore Nitendo titles like Punch-Out, SSB: Brawl, Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy (Highest rated exclucive this gen), Metroid Prime 3 & Trilogy, Fire Emblem, etc.

But Oh, I guess Nintendo teaming up with Team Ninja doesn't mean crap, huh?

Teh, get real. Have you any idea how many core/hardcore Nintendo titles that are out and upcoming there are compared to the stuff like WiiSports, WiiMusic, etc.

bnaked3252d ago

Pachter, just shut up!

sikbeta3251d ago

Isn't all those games first party "mario/zelda/samus" everywhere games, you know a real gamer want variety, not the same fat ass mustache guy jumping everywhere lol

badz1493251d ago

I was about to say the same thing! STFU Pachter!

kunit22c3251d ago

are you kidding? like seriously, are you? they are talking about Nintendo not supporting the hardcore this year and he just listed games that NINTENDO produced. and the Wii has the biggest variety of games this gen, so still your argument makes no sense. Stop being so ignorant.

Fierce Musashi3251d ago


Your reply was so stupid, I didn't even know how to respond for a few seconds.

Those first party titles are all supported by Nintendo, if not made by Nintendo. Each of those titles I mentioned are quality core/harcore titles. How the balls can you miss the facts? NINTENDO CARES ABOUT THE HARDCORE GAMER!

Don't try to ever combat it.

You just mention three franchises in that one post. Don't be stupid. You know good and well the Wii has more variety than just mario.

FYI: Mario is a platformer. Jumpping everywhere is one of the main key gameplay elements.


sikbeta3251d ago


No, N cares about their hardcore fanbase, for example: the same people that bought SSB, SSBM, SSBB or Mario kart 64, Mario Kart Double Dash and Mario Kart wii, and cares about motion control lovers with crappy games, that's why the wii has so many games,


"the Wii has the biggest variety"

You really think the wii has variety don't you, First Gen for you?
The console with mayor variety of quality games to date is still being the PS2, that console has games for every individual, from kids to adults and is not stuck with the same recognised franchises forever, tell me what is the last new IP from N

QUALITY > quantity

Fierce Musashi3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Those hardcore fans are still hardcore gamers, are thy not? Those games are still hardcore, are they not? So, are you telling me hardcore gamers who are not Nintendo fans can't play those hardcore titles?

If Nintendo truly left the hardcores to rot, not even their fans would get those quality Nintendo titles.

It doesn't matter if those franchises are old. As long as they can hold quality titles, that's all that matters.

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sinncross3252d ago

Nintendo will be tacking a huge gamble if this is to happen.

If Sony's motion controller not only has good developer backing, but consumer backing as well, a Wii HD might pale in comparison.

Of course this all really depends on how sell Sony push their 'Sphere' and the extras the Wii HD will bring (besides HD upscaling and a higher price tag).

It could be very interesting to see how this pans out.

ToxiPigg3252d ago

...a heaping spoonfull of shut the hell up and a warm cup of get another job.

timestoby3252d ago mean wii upscaled games

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