Modern Warfare 2 to sell 17-18 million in 12 months, analyst predicts

TVGB: "While he doesn't believe Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2 will become the biggest selling game ever, Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter predicts it will sell through 14 million copies in the holiday quarter this year, and 17 to 18 million in its first year."

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Nitrowolf23339d ago

that allot of number but don't be surprise if it does,
Since may this year 1 has sold about 13mill, yes thats a 2 year different, but more people are just hyped up about this game. I for one will not be buying this for a while, seeing im dried on buying exclusives for ps3

Hellsvacancy3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Its a sad state of affairs - no disrespect intended, people r allowed 2 hav there own taste in games im not tryin 2 change that but theres SOOOO many other games that deserve 2 sell just as many copies as the articles predictin and its a shame that they never will

Heavy Rain cums 2 mind, its gonna b an FU<KIN AWESOME game but it wont sell in the millions meanin less games of its kind


MAR-TYR-DOM3339d ago

Hey Patcher, there goes a story, After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring. He kept it up until a hunter came along and shot him. The moral: When you're full of bull, keep your mouth shut.

I have had just about enough of these predictions, how is this news?

ryano232773339d ago

And after the first 2 levels, I couldn't believe how below average the first game was.

No skill used with the double tap aim and when you move there is no physics that have your gun move.

This game belongs in the last generation. Can't expect WM2 to be any better.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

I can see it happening since CoD4 was so popular and since it's release, millions more 360's and PS3 have been sold. CoD4 sold over 12-14 million and most of those people will buy the sequel along with some of the millions of people who will buy a 360 or PS3 within the 12 months after MW2's release.

No to mention to CoD name itself will sell millions of copies. Just look at WaW, it sold millions and millions even though it's not even half as good as CoD4.

@ 1.7 below

The majority of CoD PC fans will still buy the game, you make it sound as if no PC gamer will buy it.

Sarcasm3339d ago

I don't see 17-18 million. Considering COD4 did what, 12-14 million in TWO YEARS.

davekaos3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Really cant see it selling that much considering pc users are boycotting it plus quite a few xbox n ps3 users will be either buying it used or just rental.


Oh i also forgot about that thing the industry like to call piracy.
@ 1.5 i said pc users NOT all pc users, if u think pc gamers wont stick to their guns then you have underestimated the pc gamer

njr3339d ago

Piracy might hit them hard for the recent stunts they've done.

kikicub3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

As I said in another post, I was really waiting for this. I got my PS3 Slim on 09/19 (late b-day gift from mysekf) and was holding off on buying an FPS for it. Wanted to wait for this to come out and compare it to Killzone 2.

As someone that doesn't really care which console is on top, and someone who plays on PC too (though over the last few years I prefer to play on ANY console as I sit all day in front of a computer), I feel the same outrage as some people out there over Infinity Ward crippling MW2.

Today I decided to go out and get Killzone 2. I *might* pick up MW2 next year...if there's cash left after getting the nice exclusives in the pipeline.

IW should get their head out of their behind and remember when all of them were gaming on PC and how much they loved making mods, running their own servers, etc......

*EDIT* What I meant to say with all this was that Killzone is one of those that should get more attention/sales.

*EDIT 2* Btw, I have never played any of the COD games, I always prefered other shooters. I was looking at this game only based on hype and becasue some of it is played in the favelas of Brazil, which would have made my non-gamer brazillian partner pay a little more attention when I play a game.

randomwiz3339d ago

there are much more that played the first. Piracy was rampant with the first one. I think there were around 2-5mil players who pirated it.(a while ago, it was proved a certain # of people play cod4, but there were MUCH LESS sales than that number)

Utalkin2me3339d ago

Funny you say that, cause piracy hit them hard on the last game. Piracy is always in full force on any new release, so what's new? You could not even count PC platform (considering it is a dead platform anyways)at all and it would still sell 17 mill on the 360 and PS3.

presto7173339d ago

My MW1, which is essentially the same thing as MW2, has been gathering dust for a while now as I mostly play KZ2.

Who knows. Maybe next year when they release yet another COD, it might be an actual improvement over MW1, and be able to hold a candle to KZ2

xTruthx3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )


You must be on something if you think PC gaming is dead.
Wow is an example, over 10 mill play it & in cod 4 there's over 9 thousand servers and they aren't 5 vs 5 like in consoles, they have up to 16 vs 16 in many servers which are full.

@Xbox Avatars Shoe
You are wrong, the PC gaming community is much stronger than you think, I usually play on the same cod 4 servers on PC which are 4, but many times they are full so I go to other servers & many of those servers had messages saying "Boycoot COD:MW2" and "Don't waste your money on COD:MW2", "Infinity Ward Screwed us, "don't support them" etc etc. Believe me, almost every PC gamer knows where to get any PC game 4 free.

2Spock3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

First off i figure someone would post WOW at his comment? Go figure. And secondly be certain of your fact's before posting the consoles is more than 5vs5. And do what you PC gamers do best Steal m'ka.

DiffusionE3339d ago

Oh my, look at those shiny mean, WTH man. I know WoW is an MMO but it's still a PC game, so I don't know what's your problem with it. While consoles may be more than 5v5, you won't get anywhere near the quality of PC 25+v25+ without dedicated servers, which BTW is why we're boycotting in the first place, in case you haven't heard. And if every PC gamer is a crooked pirate like you claim, then I guess Activision are both greedy and retarded to release a game on the PC....
o_0 *butt cheeks*butt cheeks*butt cheeks*butt cheeks*butt cheeks*... oh s**t...

badz1493339d ago

it's a clear rape from AV and IW has been c0cky the whole time now! I won't buy it new or used won't even want to pirate it! I hope it will sell less than CoD4 or even [email protected]

sikbeta3339d ago

"Piracy might hit them hard for the recent stunts they've done"

Is going to be a weak punch in the face, even if I don't want this game to sell well, go to hell fAcktivision

Christopher3339d ago

I dunno. I'm thinking it'll sell about as well as the first at best.

Ausbo3339d ago

it will not sell this much. That would mean the xbox version would have to outsell halo 3(10milion). I figure 10 million xbox and 7 million ps3. That is way too much, it will not sell 17 million.

7thNightvolley3339d ago

guys u shouldnt for a second underextimate this game.. on the consoles.. well i dunno about ps3 thou but 360.. every human i knw that plays games is buying this shyt day one.. other than the ones that knw they would get robbed if the bought it mid night launch... nuff said. 17million .. very doable.. at leastt 5 mill first day saids.

otherZinc3338d ago

MW 2 wont beat Halo 3 numbers on the 360, so how the hell is this going to reach those numbers?

There are no games to compete against it other than Left 4 Dead 2 & Assassins Creed 2, but MW2 will not sell 3.3 million on day 1 as Halo 3 did. MW2 wont sell 3.3 million copies on the 360 by Jan 1, then everything will stop because games that should have released this year will hit the stores.

Alvadr3338d ago

I think the price increase is going to have more of an effect than people think. Week1 & Week2 of sales will be huge where the diehard fans make their purchase but after that i bet the sales numbers will tale off as the casual audience will not want to shell out an additonal £10.

I could be wrong.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3338d ago

@ the people who replied to me:

Number of console gamers > Number of PC gamers... by far. PC gamers already pirate a ton of games so even if they were not boycotting MW2, it would still take a heavy PC sales hit due to the pre-existing pirating. It's not like the boycott has 5 million followers. Just because a server says that, doesn't mean people will listen.

To be clear, I'm not saying that I think that MW2 WILL sell 17 million copies, I'm saying it's very plausible.

Time will tell...

nycredude3338d ago

Not going to happen. Since MW1 released there have been much better games released and MW2 looks like crap. It may be a good game but there is much more competition now where as Mw1 didn't really have much competition.

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RememberThe3573339d ago

But 18 mil? I don't think so, this isn't San Andreas.

mikeslemonade3339d ago

I don't know I think it's going to match the sales or sell a bit less. A lot of people bought the 1st one because of the hype. MW2 is basically the same game.

beans3339d ago

I just don't get how when MW had better graphics then gears and gameplay that rivaled Halo it was good but now it's bad lol. This game is going to sell tons on 360 and quite a bit on ps3 as well. The people saying there not buying are full of it.

Utalkin2me3339d ago


Yeah and those same people are the ones that talk sh!t behind your back but when you are around they are all buddy, buddy!

nycredude3338d ago

I'm not buying. So you telling me I'm lying to myself? I bought an and played the crap out of the first one but since then I've played a lot of good games and went back to MW1 and guess what it wasn't anything special. Completely last gen game.

3sq3339d ago

Thanks god I'm not one of those 17-18 millions.

ape0073339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

just watch

elpresador took words off my mouth 100%

snaz273339d ago

i too will not be buying MW2 sorry but i borrowed MW from a friend, and yeah it was OK but nothing like people make it out to be, and what exactly is different with the second installment? hell why is there even a second installment? cos the first one sold loads! thats why there is a wii sport resorts, because wii sports sold so many... they could of made a completely different game, but activision just want the money! thats all they are interested in... and that is why they wont be getting mine.

xTruthx3339d ago

I will not be buying this aether, I put the money I had on my reserve for White Knight Chronicles

badz1493339d ago

yeah...that's the spirit dude! but...will you buy it used? that won't be in those 17-18 mil either! I honestly will never touch the game - new or used or pirated! for those saying boycotting the game is's not the be-all-end-all game! MW2 will become an overhyped crap just like GTAIV! yup...keep giving Kotick the chance to fvck you but I'm not gonna

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Jumping-Jack3339d ago

But not that much. I think that's a bit of an exaggeration. Although it still will probably be one of this years best selling games regardless of whether it's great or average simply because it's "Modern Warfare 2".