Wii Mario Bros. "six hours" long

ONM has answered a bunch of reader questions about the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. Wii game, which is being reviewed all over the place at the moment. Mike finished it yesterday and loved it.

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Iceman1003129d ago

and the point of this topic is.....

mikeslemonade3129d ago

I hope the game sales for this game is poor.

Cheeseknight283129d ago

Hope you're ready to have your hopes dashed... this one will likely sell as fast as ODST.

ReservoirDog3163129d ago

Well, God knows the first one is about 3 hours long. Doesn't stop it from having one of the highest replay value in all video games.

Really, how many hours have you sunk into Mario on the NES? I'm not getting it (most likely) but hope it has the replay value of its predecessors.

And really, mikeslemonade, why would you want that? I know it's gonna be a good game. What more can we ask for?

tweet753129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

every 2d mario game can be finished in 6 hours or less if you know it inside out and you dont sidetrack. But the time it takes to master it is much longer. Plus games like this have many hidden goodies that you could play through the game many times and not find them all.

Noctis Aftermath3129d ago

looks like fun, but does it come with a high cost? no matter how fun it may be if it comes at the same cost as a new release wii game it won't be worth it except for the old school mario fans ( i played some super mario bros way back and had a blast).

I'm putting my money on the chance that it's a download only game via the wii store, just to clarify i don't know if it's full priced or not.

Pekka3129d ago

@2.1: This isn't download only title, this has already confirmed as full priced game. And considering NSMB DS has sold 16 million copies worldwide, you are underestimating this a lot. NSMB Wii is probably one of the biggest games this year, if not even THE biggest game.

Timesplitter143129d ago

That's pretty long for a super Mario game

TheSadTruth3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

... are you joking?

SMB3 = Probably 20+ hours of gameplay
SMW2 = Probably 20+ hours of gameplay
Super Mario 64 = Probably 30+ hours of gameplay

All the others have at least 10 hours minimum

Unless this game has like a billion secrets and levels that arent required, 6 hours is a huge downgrade from what I'm used to growing up with.

And I'm talking about ACTUAL unique levels, not trying to get every "coin" or whatever on the same levels

Xander-RKoS3129d ago

Not sure about the other two...but SM64 being 30+ hours long? Not if you speed run it since you only need like half as many stars or something to face the third Bowser.

My guesses, the game is a six hours romp if you're awesome at it, and since most people out there are saying that game is going to be hard, probably going to be more than six hours for the average gamer.

n4f3129d ago

its a 2d mario game. if it take you 30h or more i think you should use the super guide

Smacktard3128d ago

Uh... the guy in the article was talking about completely rushing through the game. When doing this, SMB can be beaten in like 20 minutes, SMB3 can be beaten in like 20 minutes, and SMW can be beaten in like 15 minutes. I think 6 hours long is STILL a bit of an exaggeration for how long the main game will take if you rush through it, though. But even still, SMB3 probably takes only a couple of hours if you play through the entire game.

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live2play3129d ago

he said he did a SPRINT RUN through the entire game WITHOUT sidetracking or getting all the star coins. 'sides he also said when played in multiplayer its an ENTIRE different experience and the game is longer due to the fact that you have to change strategy to pass a level.

Saaking3129d ago

But the replay value will be IMMENSE. Can't wait.

stb3129d ago

so, since the ds one, wasnt all that great, let see what can this add up. though, im more interested in see a new zelda game, or w/e, just play xiii, etc.

Darkfocus3129d ago

thats about the same length as all the snes marios if you rush through them and they can last for far longer if you don't so i'm sure it'll have a fair amount of content.

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